Saiful’s dad apologizes for Sodomy II slander

The father of the political aide who claimed he had been sodomized by Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has confessed that his son was used by officials close to Prime Minister Najib Razak to defame Anwar.

“I deeply regret all the slander hurled against Anwar which involved my son, Saiful Bukhari. Anwar is innocent and a victim of this slander. I apologise to Anwar and his family. He and his family have suffered a lot as a result of this slander,” Azlan Mohd Lazim told a press conference on Friday.

A sign from God to end the Umno-BN’s evil?

Azlan was a staunch Umno member who had stood by his son, frequently chiding Anwar for having abused Saiful and demanding justice from the authorities. It is not clear if Azlan is still an Umno member.

However, it must be noted that Anwar has already been acquitted by the High Court of the sodomy charges that he said were manifestly fabricated to stop him from advancing in his political career.

Sodomy is punishable under Malaysian law with imprisonment of up to 20 years and homosexuality is banned by Islam. The charges, if they had stuck, would have destroyed Anwar’s career and bring to a halt the gains made by his Pakatan Rakyat coalition of PKR, PAS and DAP parties.

In 1998, former premier Mahathir Mohmad too had used the sodomy card to jail Anwar for 6 years before the Federal Court – the highest court in the country – overturned the charges and freed Anwar.

Whatever his motivation, Azlan’s confession is a great boost for Anwar as the country hurtles headlong into its 13th general election.

“To me, this is a sign from God, a blessing for the change that must take place for Malaysia to heal itself and pull back from the brink of evil. This may sound dramatic but it is clear that the Umno-BN government has lost track of the right path. Their top leaders can no longer separate good from evil and think nothing of launching conspiracies like Sodomy I and II, and some now say the ongoing Lahad Datu intrusion, just to cling to power,” Tan Kee Kwong, a senior PKR leader and the head of its disciplinary committee, told Malaysia Chronicle.

“No doubt, the courts have found Anwar innocent – not just once but twice. Even so, the taint and whispers are still weighing on the conservative in our society, especially the Muslims and the women community. Hopefully now, they will see the truth as it is and no longer be diverted by what is really an evil political tactic – to use religion and the fear of homosexuality to tarnish a person’s integrity.”

PM is involved

According to the statement that the 60-year-old Azlan read from, all of his media statements as well as Saiful’s were prepared by a lawyer and an official from the PM’s office.

“They are the masterminds behind all the sodomy slander against Anwar, which involved my son. I have never been contacted by any quarters to obtain my statement as his father from the beginning to the end of the trial,” said Azlan.

He also said Saiful never told him of the sodomy and that he had learned about it from the government-controlled mass media. Neither has the government – the police or the Attorney-General Chambers – met him or asked for his opinion about the sodomy case.

All eyes are now on the identities of the lawyer and the official in the PM’s office who had directed the Sodomy II script.

ANWAR IS INNOCENT, Saiful’s dad apologizes for Sodomy II slander
8 March 2013 – Malaysia Chronicle

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