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Sibu voted for change

To all those who voted for change for a better Sibu, a Sarawak free from the shackles of wonton, unremitting greed of one man and his family, and a Malaysia fit for all, regardless of who we are, I have this to say. You have, by your robust, ethical response to Najib’s unprincipled behaviour, earned for yourselves an honourable place in the pages our country’s history. Sibu has restored my faith in my fellow citizens who possess in large measure attributes that once inspired my old English headmaster at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in Alor Setar to coin the phrase “the excellency of man.”

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Never before in Sibu

Never before in Sibu have we seen such a strong line of a multi-ethnic opposition coalition working together hand in hand way into the wee hours of the night to bring about change.

Never before in Sibu have we seen so many Malays proudly wearing DAP caps and wearing DAP shirts on the streets and sidewalk.

Never before in Sibu have we seen a Malay woman donning the tudung, hoisting a huge DAP flag.

Never before in Sibu kopitiam have we seen Chinese men inviting Malay PKR men (who are strangers to them) to engage in an amicable & spirited conversation about political issues and problems.

Never before in Sibu have we witnessed such a wide range of formerly-alleged-as “taboo” and “sensitive” issues analysed and discussed in front of a huge and eager multi-racial audience in such peace, non-hostility, and good faith.

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Winds of change hit Sarawak

DAP state chief Wong Ho Leng’s upset victory in Sibu, a Barisan Nasional stronghold held for the last five terms by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), shows that the 308 (March 8, 2008 general election) wind of change in the peninsula has blown across the South China Sea to hit the state – the last bastion of the BN.

The wind was so strong that even three visits by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to the constituency in the run-up to the by-election failed to stop the turn of the tide.

According to an analysis in Oriental Daily News today, BN lost mainly because the Chinese voters, who have been unhappy with the state BN leaders and the various policies implemented in the state over the years, decided to let loose all their pent-up frustrations at the ballot box.

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Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

The dawn of A Better Malaysia!
Rafidah Aziz, Hannah Yeoh, Ambiga at TTDI ceramah


Mahathir in Putrajaya ceramah


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All that is necessary
for the triumph of evil
is for good men
to do nothing.

- Edmund Burke
When the people
fears their government,
there is TYRANNY;
when the government
fears the people,
there is LIBERTY.

- Thomas Jefferson
Do you hear the people sing?