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Photos show that Altantuya was in France

A police probe finds the Mongolian translator never entered France from 1999 to 2006, but pictures of her published in 2007 show otherwise, says a report.

While French police investigations have revealed that Altantuya Shaariibuu never entered France from 1999 to 2006, there are photographs of her taken in Paris published several years ago, that indicate otherwise.

A report on the French police investigations was carried by online news portal Free Malaysia Today (FMT) in an article headlined ‘French probe: Altantuya never entered France’.

The report published yesterday was based on confidential investigative documents submitted to the French judicial inquiry that is looking into alleged kickbacks paid out in the 2002 Scorpene submarine deal between French firm DCNS and the Malaysian government.

However, in 2007, a series of photographs made available to Asia Sentinel by Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Habshi, the former honourary Mongolian consul-general in Malaysia, showed Altantuya “on the trip of her life to Europe”.

According to the Hong Kong-based news portal, Syed Abdul Rahman had then declined to say where the pictures came from.

They are believed to have been found among Altantuya’s possessions after she was killed, according to Asia Sentinel in an article headlined ‘Who was Altantuya Shaariibuu?’, written by John Berthelsen on Dec 5 of that year.

“If you go to the Asia Sentinel site, you will see pictures of her standing in front of a Louis Vuitton store, the Buddha Bar, Notre Dame Cathedral and a whole flock of other locations in Paris,” Berthelsen told Malaysiakini.

Berthelsen, a former Asian Wall Street Journal correspondent in Malaysia, also said Altantuya’s family had declined to elaborate on the photographs.

However, in April this year, Altantuya’s father Setev Shaariibuu told a press conference hosted by Suaram in Kuala Lumpur that his daughter’s visa to France was issued in Kuala Lumpur under the name “Amina Abdullah” and that she was supposed to enter Paris after flying to Germany.

Photos show that Altantuya was in France
Jun 26, 2012 – Malaysiakini


Deep and Dirty: Malaysia’s Submarine Scandal

Leaked prosecution documents show a pattern of official misdeeds in two countries

A two-decade campaign by the French state-owned defense giant DCN and its subsidiaries to sell submarines to the Malaysian ministry of defense has resulted in a long tangle of blackmail, bribery, influence peddling, misuse of corporate assets and concealment, among other allegations, according to documents made available to Asia Sentinel.

Some of the misdeeds appear to have taken place with the knowledge of top French government officials including then-foreign Minister Alain Juppe and with the consent of former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, according to the documents, comprising 133 separate files and hundreds of pages. They were presented to the French Prosecuting Magistrate at the Court de Grand Instance de Paris in May and June of 2011. French lawyers have begun preparing subpoenas for leading Malaysian politicians including Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, the current Defense Minister, Ahmad Zaki Hamad and several other figures.

The documents were sent anonymously to Asia Sentinel via a circuitous route that took them to Brussels, Belgium; Lagos, Nigeria; Brazzaville,Congo; Libreville, Gabon; then to Leipzig, Germany and finally to Hong Kong. The documents, written in French, can be found in a collection in Asia Sentinel’s Scribd account.

The documents were compiled as a result of a raid on April 7, 2010, when scores of investigators from the anti-organized and financial crime unit of the French Directorate of Judicial Police swooped down on DCN’s offices at 19 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia in Paris’s 15th Arondissement, and four other locations, demanding that stunned officials give them access to safes, files and computers. They collected thousands of documents that form the bulk of the files delivered to Asia Sentinel.

Together, they present a damning indictment of Malaysian officials whose goal was to steer a €114.96 million (US$114.3 million at current exchange rates) payment through a private company called Perimekar Sdn Bhd, wholly owned by Abdul Razak Baginda. Razak Baginda was then the head of a Malaysian think tank called Malaysian Strategic Research, which was connected with the United Malays National Organization, the country’s biggest political party.

The payment appears to have been in violation of the OECD Convention on Bribery, which France ratified on June 30, 2000. On Sep. 29, 2000, according to document D00015, DCNI, a DCN subsidiary, “took corrective actions” after France joined the bribery convention. Contracts concluded after that date were to be routed to Eurolux and Gifen, companies held by Jean-Marie Boivin, DCN’s former finance chief, and headquartered in Luxembourg and Malta respectively Boivin is being investigated for having played a central role in the “corrective actions,” with what were described as “outlandish commissions” traveling through the welter of companies that he established in tax havens around the world. Among the documents is one that shows Boivin paid to send Razak Baginda on a jaunt to Macau with his then-girlfriend, Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian national who was later murdered by two of Najib’s bodyguards.

“A separate agreement sets other compensation consisting of a fixed amount independent of the actual price of the main contract,” one document reads in reference to the payment to Perimekar. “This has been made to be consistent with [DCN’s] internal rules and [its subsidiary] Thales and those of the OECD. The beneficiaries of these funds are not difficult to imagine: the clan and family relations of Mr. Razak Baginda. In addition, these funds will find their way to the dominant political party.” Malaysia’s dominant political party was and is UMNO.

Deep and Dirty: Malaysia’s Submarine Scandal
Written by John Berthelsen
25 June 2012 – Asia Sentinel


Free-falling Umno so desperate it can’t win GE-13 without the illegals

RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) is the only way to clean up the whole mess with the illegals and the recruitment of foreign-born citizens (FBCs) for votes throughout the country. Has Malaysia become a famed international haven for Illegal Immigrants? Some developed countries bring in rich foreigners into their countries for some economic reasons such as to set up businesses that could create thousands of jobs for their people.

But Malaysia seems to be in the glare of publicity for the wrong reason. Firstly, there are thousands of illegals roaming the country – some grabbing jobs meant for the locals as they can be paid cheaper and at times conned. Secondly, it has been alleged that questionable FBCs and illegals are being nippily absorbed as citizens to help UMNO win elections.

This formula has backfired in some states. BN (Barisan Nasional) in Sabah is now split. It has been reported that FBCs and illegals are now taking over almost every opportunity that is meant for the locals as the bona fide citizens, such as jobs and healthcare benefits. Many are holding political posts in the state under the guise of locals.

A reverse takeover

Thus most politicians in Sabah are disappointed not for any trifling reason but realise that there would soon be a reverse takeover of the state by these foreigners – possibly with the help of neighbouring countries.

They are concerned with the sudden increase in the state’s population. They feel that there had been an abuse of political clout that has attributed to its population currently standing at about 3.3 million based on 2010 census, when the population of Sabah was a mere 650,000 in 1970.

There had been an increase of over 400 percent during the period, well above the national average. Such a huge increase within a short period of time is mindboggling to the demographers.

Going by standard statistical extrapolation, the population growth of Sabah should only be approximately less than 1.3 million.

As also being reported, according to the 2010 census 2,330,779 non-Malaysians in the country are in Sabah – the largest group of people in the state. Twenty-five percent of Sabahans are illegals and the present 3.3 million population of Sabah is also shady.

The rightful people of Sabah are questioning as to why there has been a sudden population increase in the state. There are thus accusations that many FBCs are now holding Malaysian MyKad and are able to vote in elections.

Free-falling Umno so desperate it can’t win GE-13 without the illegals
18 June 2012 – Malaysia Chronicle


The Role Played By Young People And Women In Malaysian Politics (Video)


MediaRakyat “Speak Your Mind”: The Role Played By Young People And Women In Malaysian Politics


Politics an amusing horror movie

In a sense, I am glad that Liow Tiong Lai exposed his idiocy to the full when he flip-flopped over an explanation over the bidding for a car number plate. As we all know, Chinese Malaysians often think themselves above others but this utterly incompetent minister and barren mind has just dealt another blow to the Chinese ego, in pretty much the same way that Ibrahim Ali has put the Malays to shame.

Remember the stupid comments that he made last year over the Bersih 2.0 rally? “The police shot the tear gas over the main road. Maybe the smoke was blown by the wind in this direction – that, we don’t know, but they were not aiming at the hospital.”

Then he was thoroughly humiliated when netizens rebuked him with eyewitness accounts, pictures and video clips, delivered courtesy of Facebook and YouTube, two of the most epoch-making inventions in the first decade of this century.

But Liow is no doubt symptomatic of the malaise in the Barisan Nasional. There are of course many others in the government who are as obtuse: Kong Cho Ha, Koh Tsu Koon, Bernard Dompok, Rais Yatim and Chor Chee Heung, to name a few. However, some are obviously pretending to be dumb but actually not, such as Nazri Aziz, who can turn around and talk like a reformist whenever circumstances call for it.

If one laments the lack of talent in the BN, the ineptitude again began with Mahathir Mohamad (left), who did everything he could to stop the bright and the gifted from rising so that he could remain dominant.

Even if one may argue he had during his rein fended off one challenge after another, all this was achieved with the aid of a roguish police force and corrupt judiciary, not to mention the wanton manipulation of the media which had a strong impact in the rural areas, to the detriment of the country for sure.

Since there was no level playing field to begin with, how does one expect rare gems to be found among pebbles within the BN?

Party politics is about contestation based on merit. Political parties must therefore be able to identify talents from their own members through a transparent and democratic process, who may form the backbone of a government should they win an election.

For those who lose, they remain duty-bound to play the role of a responsible opposition, being able to monitor or oppose government policies in the name of the people.

Unfortunately, the BN is bankrupt of talents as such. For more than three decades, the component parties have selected their respective leaderships through oligarchy and cronyism, resulting in a serious brain drain even when Malaysia as a whole is concerned about the outflow of our own talents!

Because the BN is a coalition whose top leadership has been guarding its own interests jealously, hardly anyone with real political visions would find it appealing. Instead of evolving into a government that is policy-oriented, the BN continues to survive on accentuating its race-based structure.

Politics an amusing horror movie
Josh Hong
Jun 15, 2012 – Malaysiakini


Scorpenes and Lynas: Going to foreign courts to get justice

PKR MP for Kuantan Fuziah Salleh warned over the weekend that efforts to stop the operations of the Lynas rare earth plant may eventually end up in a foreign court. One may wonder why we would need outsiders to be involved in our internal matters. Sad to say, this is a sign of how untrustworthy our judiciary system is today!

So, why can’t we depend on our own judiciary system to achieve justice? The answer goes back to the time when Mahathir Mohamad was in power, and it was for a long time. He was prime minister from 1981 to 2003, so imagine the damage wreaked.

Mahathir wanted everything to be done according to his wishes and in his own way. When the judges interpreted laws according to their own understanding, Mahathir got mad and removed them. He found replacements who would toe the line and delivered verdicts that met with his approval.

In 1998, Mahathir decided to send his deputy Anwar Ibrahim to jail to finish off his political career. Sodomy I was concocted and every government department was used to ensure Anwar was found guilty. The Attorney General, police, medical and chemistry departments were made to dance to the tune played by the UMNO-BN government.

Under the Executive’s thumb

Fast-forward to the current day. In the anti-Lynas case, the Department of Environment, the AELB and professionals involved in the construction of the plant and the mainstream media are now all singing the same tune played by the UMNO-BN leaders.

Even when there was evidence that judges could be bought as in the Lingam tape incident, nothing was done to rectify the situation. A Royal Commission of Inquiry was formed and when its findings found grounds to prosecute several bigwigs for judge-fixing, UMNO-BN resorted to delaying tactics with the A-G shuffling investigation papers to and fro with the police. In the end, nothing was done and the biggest joke was that the culprits even tried to have the court overturn the RCI findings!

So it is that the Malaysian judiciary is now at the mercy of the executive. There is no more separation of powers between the executive and the judiciary. Not surprisingly, it is not unfair to say Malaysia has lost its judicial integrity.

Scorpenes and Lynas: Going to foreign courts to get justice
19 June 2012 – Malaysia Chronicle


Felda settlers challenge Isa Samad’s appointment

The legitimacy of Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) chairperson Isa Samad’s controversial appointment as board member and head of Felda Settlers’ Cooperative Bhd (KPF) is facing a legal challenge.

Four Felda Jengka settlers on Friday filed a judicial review at the Kuala Lumpur High Court challenging the Malaysia Cooperative Societies Commission (MCCC) decision in allowing Isa to remain in KPF although MCCC had acknowledge that Isa’s appointment is illegal.

The settlers Abdul Talib Ali, Abdul Mubin Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak Mohammad and Muhamad Nor Atan named MCCC’s dispute panel, MCCC and KPF as respondents in the application filed through the law firm Mohamed Hanipa & Associates.

They are seeking a declaration that the decision by the panel and MCCC on May 23, which maintains Isa’s (left) appointment remains intact despite the irregularities surrounding his appointment, be declared void.

The settlers also want an interim stay on Isa’s appointment and membership in the KPF, until a decision in the judicial review application is arrived at.

The four are also seeking a certiorari order to cancel the May 23 decision and a mandamus to compel KPF to cancel Isa’s appointment. They are seeking general, aggravated and exemplary damages of their action.

On May 23, the panel and MCCC found KPF had violated its bylaw in approving Isa Samad membership application, but curiously ruled that the latter’s membership could not be revoked because no such bylaw provided for it.

Chairing the panel was Kamarulzaman Mohamad Buhari, with Muriddan Elias and Zainab Othman.

Lawyer Ahmad Nizam Ramli had described the panel’s decision as “nonsensical”.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution (right) first raised the issue that the KPF board of directors had accepted Isa into the board against the rules and regulations governing cooperatives.

Later it was further revealed that Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumer Affairs Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob had backed Isa’s appointment.

Felda settlers challenge Isa Samad’s appointment
Jun 18, 2012 – Malaysiakini


Anti-Lynas group: PSC report mere hogwash

Lynas opponent SMSL has deemed the parliamentary panel’s study and report on the controversial plant ‘predictably pitiful and lack credibility’.

KUALA LUMPUR: Save Malaysia Stop Lynas(SMSL) has dismissed the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) report on the Lynas project as mere “government hogwash”.

“The report is predictably pitiful and lack credibility. It is nothing more than hogwash put forward by the government in a last-ditch effort to appear democratic,” the resident group against the rare earth plant told FMT.

The report was tabled in Parliament yesterday after a two-month-long study led by PSC chairman and Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin, four other Barisan National (BN) MPs and one independent MP. The opposition has boycotted the panel since its formation in March.

The panel came up with 31 recommendations based on public hearing sessions, a working visit to the plant and expert views, among others.

SMSL said that the PSC was an “undemocratic and unfair” process when opposition MPs boycotted it on grounds that it lacked the power to decide on the project even if it was found to be unsafe.

“PSC is meant to be a process where elected parliamentarians from all parties are represented to hear concerned citizens’ views,” said SMSL.

“Its undemocratic process was further illustrated when SMSL’s request for parliamentary privileges to be extended to ensure its citizens’ right to voice out [was not granted]…”

It said that in most democratic countries, parliamentary privileges are often granted to any citizen and civil society groups participating in this kind of inquiry.

SMSL also accused Khaled of “abusing his power” to influence the outcome of the PSC.

“That democratic process was undermined by Khaled who made his personal judgment of the Lynas rare earth refinery LAMP public in the midst of the PSC inquiry. He has abused his power, compromised his supposed professional impartiality and integrity to influence the outcome of the PSC,” said SMSL.

(Khaled was reported to have said the plant was the safest in the world during the PSC’s visit to Kuantan.)

Anti-Lynas group: PSC report mere hogwash
June 19, 2012 – FMT


Listing transfers profits from KPF’s palm oil processor to FGVH, says DAP

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — The controversial FELDA Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) listing will allow it to resell all crude palm oil (CPO) produced by FELDA Palm Industries (FPI), 65 per cent owned by a settlers’ cooperative, “cannibalising” profits due to the 112,000 settlers, according to DAP.

Publicity chief Tony Pua told a press conference FPI “has been forced to sign a concession contract” in March with FGVH where all save a small quantity of CPO used by the processor’s own subsidiaries will be sold to FGVH.

The listing prospectus states that FGVH will then “resell all of this CPO to third-party customers, such as refiners and traders in Malaysia and abroad, to our joint ventures.”

Pua (picture) said this arrangement was “clearly to enable FGVH to earn a margin from the sale of CPO to final customers.”

“FGVH adds no value to the process except to cannibalise part of the profits which would otherwise be attributable to FPI,” he said, adding that the FELDA Investment Co-operative (KPF), which is 70 per cent owned by settlers, will be “the biggest loser.”

FPI’s latest audited accounts show it made RM9.5 billion and RM204 million in revenue and profits respectively in 2010.

“Assuming a five per cent margin in sales price earned by FGVH, it is in essence a RM405 million loss of profit to FPI. This could cause KPF to absorb losses instead of gaining profits,” the Petaling Jaya Utara MP said.

The government has been accused of fleecing settlers in the FGVH listing set to take place on June 28, the second largest in the world this year raising up to RM10.5 billion, as they will be offered just 2.5 per cent of the enlarged stakeholding in the world’s third-largest palm oil planter.

PKR had questioned last month the 420 million shares set aside for a list of Bumiputera firms approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) while the 112,000 FELDA settlers, who have been promised improved earnings, have only been handed 91 million.

The opposition party claimed that the allocation, according to a preliminary prospectus available from the Securities Commission, was “unfair” to settlers and only beneficial to “rich Bumiputeras.”

It cited MITI guidelines obtained from its official website stated that in order to qualify as a MITI-approved Bumiputera investor, an individual must have at least RM3 million in assets, and if it is a company (100 per cent Bumiputera owned), its assets must be worth RM10 million.

Listing transfers profits from KPF’s palm oil processor to FGVH, says DAP
June 18, 2012 – TMI


Isa’s membership in Felda illegal: Why then is he Felda chairman?

The Malaysian Cooperative Societies Commission (MCCC) has become the laughing stock of the nation by coming up with a ridiculous decision that defies logic and makes nonsense of common sense.

It absurdly ruled that even though the approval of Isa Samad’s application as a member of Koperasi Permodalan Felda (KPF) had gone against the by-law of KPF, Isa’s membership nevertheless remained intact (Malaysiakini, 31 May 2012). The MCCC made this outrageous conclusion on 23 May in response to an application by 16 Felda settlers challenging Isa’s illegal membership in KFP.

This controversial decision shocked and dismayed Malaysians who are simply flabbergasted that the three- man MCCC panel sitting in judgment could arrive at this ridiculous decision.

Though they conceded that Samad’s membership approval went against the by-laws of KPF, they feinted helplessness to right this wrong claiming that there was no provision to cancel his membership.

This is nonsensical logic! According to the Cooperative rules and regulations, Section 43 only confers membership to Felda settlers, their families and Felda permanent employees. Under this section, Isa did not qualify to become a member of KPF. He was never a settler or a family member of a settler or a permanent employee in Felda. By no stretch of the imagination could he qualify as a member.

You don’t need a special provision under the by-law to disqualify his membership or remove him as Chairman of KPF.

The Board of Directors did not have the authority to approve his membership. Under the circumstance, Isa’s illegal membership simply lapses. End of story!

Alternately, the Board of Directors could convene a Board Meeting and rescind their earlier illegal decision to put matters right. That would have nullified Isa’s membership for good.

But why was this not done?

Umno’s survival

This whole episode is related to Umno’s survival in the next general election. They have to take control of KPF by whatever means it takes to exert their authority over the Felda settlers.

This was why the Prime Minister, who is the Umno President, announced on 8 May 2012 a windfall of RM15,000 to each household to win support for the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH). This was nothing but outright bribery.

But why choose Isa to ride roughshod over the objections of settlers?

Isa’s membership in Felda illegal: Why then is he Felda chairman?
Written by P Ramakrishnan
18 June 2012 – Malaysia Chronicle

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Mahathir in Putrajaya ceramah


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- Edmund Burke
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