Another RED-HOT statutory declaration for Najib to answer to

Beaufort MP Lajim Ukin has been widely touted as the Sabah leader who will finally change his state’s corruption-riddled politics for the better. And Lajim appears to be proving his supporters right with his latest determination to expose alleged lies told by Prime Minister Najib Razak and Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman to cover up a money-laundering-and-illicit-timber scam said to involve at least RM40mil.

“Timber has long been been a lucrative source of financing for politicians and government officials in Sabah. From my own experience as Sabah deputy chief minister, I have had suspicions that timber licenses were granted to personalities close to top government officials and politicians in the state,” Lajim had said in a statutory declaration made at the Kota Kinabalu High Court on Monday.

“The illegal money was allegedly laundered overseas usig overseas agents when timber licences and timber exports were sold below the market value. The difference between the market value and licence granted by the state is paid as kickbacks and credited into various accounts overseas, which eventually were transferred back to benefit top government officials and politicians in Sabah.”

A copy of the red-hot statutory declaration is appended below.

Lies told to cover up timber kickbacks

Lajim’s legal declaration was made to expose long-standing graft in the Sabah state government.

It will also facilitate a call by Malaysian opposition party PKR to Hong Kong’s anti-graft agency ICAC to revive a probe into how RM40 mil came to deposited in Musa’s bank account in Hong Kong. The amount is way beyond what Musa could make on his Chief Minister’s pay. However, both Musa and Najib – the Umno president – have insisted it was a “donation” to the party and not for Musa’s “personal use”.

This ‘donation’ claim not only provided the basis for the Najib administration to drop corruption charges against Musa but was also used to ‘prove’ to the ICAC that the source of the funding was legitimate and not part of a scheme that used Honk Kong’s financial facilities to launder illicit money siphoned out out Malaysia by rogue politicians.

But Lajim refuted the ‘donation theory’ propounded by Musa and Najib. A former Umno supreme Council member since 2000, Lajim revealed the inner workings of Malaysia’s ruling party.

He alleged that the Supreme Council had never been informed of such a donation, which must surely pass through its hands given its size.

“I believe (that) my knowledge, experience and insider information on the workings of Umno and government at the state and federal level can assist the investigation,” said Lajim in his declaration

“I therefore conclude that the statement made by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was misleading, incorrect and calculative with the intention to cover up the bigger issue of alleged abuse in the granting of timber in Sabah that benefits only a select few at the expense of the Sabah Treasury and its people.”

LAJIM COOKS MUSA’S GOOSE: Another RED-HOT statutory declaration for Najib to answer to
12 December 2012 – Malaysia Chronicle


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