BN MONEY TRAIN: Will it deliver the results in GE-13?

Yes, it will. But hold your horses for that depends on which side of the fence you are camping yeah. Here is the perspective:

It truly amazes anyone where is BN getting all the money to spend and seemingly donate. From free blue helmets to tons of rice bags to its now widely sniggered RM1.39 per day relief allowance; from sponsored shows to mega-dinners and out-of-the-blue mega-proportions of cash donations.

And of course do not miss out the inventory on the overwhelming draping of streets and alleyways with the blue party-flags of reasonable quality material; the mega-size billboards; the air-time; the overdose of news and advertisements in print.

My, my, where is all this money coming from? Who is paying for these?

Who’s the Santa?

Indeed there must some great Santa out there helping BN. And if BN says it is not using the rakyat’s money, then indeed we have some great philanthropist out there not knowing how to reach and relief the suffering human souls across mother-earth.

Any accountant out there who can safely tabulate the millions if not trillions that have been spent to secure a political party coalition’s political strategy?

And please do not forget to factor in the time cost too as well as the labor cost because each time a VVIP appears, there is the police, the outriders, the vehicles, the protocol officers and bodyguards, and what have you to be paid too mate.

Now the question that begs for that elusive answer is: will BN sweep into victory with overwhelming votes, come GE-13?

The BN campers and drivers will say ‘Yes’ and add in quick succession add, ‘we know best lah. We have been in this business for over five decades and practiced very hard all these past thirty years, you know’.

But freebie-less PR ceramahs are getting even more popular

Meanwhile, the rakyat keep turning up in droves for PR events. The most recent was over the weekend where all the roads to AU/Keramat was chocked with traffic as people converged by the thousands to meet, greet and hear out Anwar Ibrahim.

They come even when it is raining dogs and cats and know that they have to squat on soggy fields and muddy tracks just to hear out and show interest in what the opposition PR has to offer – and knowing too well too that there is no Santa there to give them air sirap, teh panas and nasi briyaani.

They not only give resounding responses to the speeches but they also go back home a little empty in their wallets as they would have dropped some cash into the begging-bags passed around to fund the political needs of the coalition.

BN MONEY TRAIN: Will it deliver the results in GE-13?
Written by J. D. Lovrenciear
17 April 2013 – Malaysia Chronicle


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