PR can win GE13 with MASSIVE MAJORITY!

It looks like Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has got himself another ‘star’ to help his People’s Justice Party or PKR stamp its mark on Malaysia’s hyperactive political scene.

44-year-old Wong Chen, slightly geeky, slightly nerdy, is the head of PKR’s investment and trade bureau. In reality, he is sharp as a razor and as wholesome as they come. Blessed with double-barreled academic qualifications, a supportive wife and two young children, his plate looks already full. But whether the Malay literature student and corporate lawyer by training likes it or not, his bosses are going dish out more responsibility for him to shoulder. They seem to think he can handle it.

Wong Chen was given the coveted Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat to contest. With the urban electorate solidly behind the Opposition, Kelana Jaya is certainly a plum seat to get. Suddenly, he is the envy of his colleagues. Yet his popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, escaping the worst of the backbiting and malicious gossiping that usually hold back newbies like him. This, his friends say, is a testament to his extremely humble and friendly ways.

We can win MASSIVE!

In an exclusive interview with Malaysia Chronicle, Wong Chen talks about himself and his aspirations. He shows an unguarded side to his usual quick-talking self that unconsciously reveals how important the family unit is to him.

It is clear he is impassioned about his quest to bring ‘change’ to Malaysia. While he tries not to give in to over-exuberance about the Pakatan Rakyat’s chances in the coming May 5 general election, it is evident this ‘hard-nosed’ market practitioner is completely sure that his side will win and win hands-down!

“In the urban areas, we are very confident. We are very confident because we believe. Even after two-and- half days of campaigning, I can sense that the urban areas are very strongly with us. The key to winning big in this general election really is fought in the rural areas and in particular rural areas in the peninsula. Sabah is something that no one really knows what will happen, so we just leave that aside. The analysis is still coming out, we don’t know how the Suluks are going to vote or are they going to just not vote as a protest and what are the Kadazans going to do? They are all tied up to this RCI thing. Now I think the battle ground is really Peninsular rural heartland and that hinges on Felda, it hinges on the price of commodities and rubber and palm oil. It also hinges of the policies and strategies that each party adopts,” Wong Chen said.

“We are adopting a simple strategy of engaging people and talk about policies, talk about rising cost of living and stuff like that. And from the BN side, it seems they are just going in negative campaigning strategy, trying to scare the rural folks, you know ‘Malays are going to lose power’, bring up the Allah issues, bring up the sex videos, I think that this kind of negative campaigning is going to create a big backlash for BN, and if that happens, we will win Putrajaya big and not just by a comfortable win but massive majority.”

“So my analysis is you have to go to the rural areas and if you see the people are silent because the rural folk are more differing and more humble, they don’t really like to voice political opinions but if you interview people and find out they are not talking openly. They are keeping silent, more likely than not they are actually Pakatan Rakyat supporters. So in that aspect I have been down many times to the rural areas and the people go – shhh ‘rahsia’ (secret). If they give you that signal you know we are going to win. That’s why I’m confident and that’s why the party is ready to roll.”

PKR’s fast-rising star Wong Chen: PR can win GE13 with MASSIVE MAJORITY!
Written by Wong Choon Mei, Alaa Soleiman
22 April 2013 – Malaysia Chronicle


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