Will the National Feedlot Centre become NFA?

MP SPEAKS Stern action must be taken against the minister and senior officers responsible for the National Feedlot Centre fiasco after strong condemnation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

While we were disappointed that the MACC has failed to find elements of corruption in the RM250 million National Feedlot Centre scandal, we must commend the report put forward by the commission which detailed elements of where the whole deal went wrong. It is a report long overdue, but it is certainly better late than never.

The MACC has revealed that the Agriculture Ministry, then under the helm of Muhyiddin Yassin, had awarded the National Feedlot Centre project to a company without technical or financial capabilities.

The MACC also pointed out that there was no consideration of conflict of interest between any government officer and the recipient of the government soft loan for the project.

What is perhaps most damning of the report is the finding that the Agriculture Ministry “did not do due diligence” on the company awarded the project. “The Agriculture Ministry failed to select a truly competent company to run the National Feedlot Centre as it was selected through limited tender. The company which was allowed to present their proposals did not have technical background or strong financial standing,” it said.

The above has been known by all Malaysians ever since the scandal first broke out in 2010 and it took MACC nearly three years to finally confirm the obvious.

The next question on the minds of all Malaysians is “why” did the Agriculture Ministry award such an important project to a company which “did not have technical background or strong financial standing”.

Such awards, including the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone project which tends to be the norm rather than the exception in the BN administration leads to the suspicions of cronyism and corruption. If not cronyism and corruption, then at best it could be excused for incompetence and negligence.

The problem is, the number of ministers and senior government officials getting away with the excuse of “incompetence and negligence” from doing the same things repeatedly as highlighted annually in the Auditor-General’s Reports are just one too many.

‘Clever in acting incompetent?’

Hence, a typical Malaysian cannot be blamed for feeling that those responsible for the above misdeeds are either extremely clever in acting incompetent, or so obtuse that they are incurably incompetent.

Regardless of which is which, we urge the Najib administration to take stern action against these ministers and officers responsible for causing billions of losses to Malaysians.

Will the National Feedlot Centre become NFA?
Tony Pua
Nov 7, 2013 – Malaysiakini


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