Mahathir unleashes fury on Najib

Mahathir unleashes fury on Najib. Will it make any difference?

COMMENT: If former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and current PM Najib Razak were to meet in a wrestling match, the latter would probably be tapping out for submission every five minutes.

Mahathir today launched one his most scathing attacks ever against Najib, in his latest blog posting, touching on everything from Altantuya to 1MDB to Jho Low.

Known for his potent sting and little regard to possible consequences, the nonagenarian Mahathir wrote, “I’m not senile. Whoever says I’m senile, are cheating themselves.”

He started off his posting with the prediction that Umno and BN will lose in GE14, as there were way too many accusations against Najib that he could not counter.

“It began with the murder of Altantuya. Two cops were eventually found guilty of her murder, but Sirul escaped to Australia. He said he killed upon orders and the people started questioning who gave such orders.

“As Najib’s then bodyguard, Sirul’s claim should be probed to ascertain who gave the order to kill. Najib just claimed Sirul’s claim as “nonsense” and no further probe was conducted. This involves a human life, it would be cruel if Sirul is killed for merely carrying out orders,” said Mahathir.

The country’s longest serving former prime minister then touched on the 1MDB fiasco.

“The misappropriation of billions of ringgit by Jho Low has been proven with evidence. Yet, the accusations were merely brushed off as lies.

“Questions that arose pertaining to the 1MDB were not answered. The government kept saying that the troubled fund has vast assets,” he said, before questioning dealings with Petrosaudi.

“Who is this Jho Low? Malaysian officials employed to manage 1MDB funds have admitted that they had received instructions from Jho Low, upon orders from Najib. Photographs of Jho Low and his attitude, his tender age and his lifestyle, does little to convince the public.

“He (Jho Low) has reportedly bought luxurious real estate in New York and Hollywood worth millions of ringgit, and sold it to Najib’s step-son Riza Aziz. Where did Riza get his millions from? Tun Razak’s family, including Najib, had denied that it was inheritance. So where did Riza’s millions, including that he invested in the “Wolf of Wall Street” come from?” asked Mahathir.

The former PM then trained his guns on the purchase of the government’s new jet.

“In the midst of the government going through a debt ridden period, Najib has bought himself a new plane. It goes without saying that apart from being used for official purposes, the jet is also used for personal use by Najib and his wife.

“In a time of economic uncertainty, where the rakyat are forced to bear higher tax rates, in a time where the ringgit is down and increasing cost of living and the country losing millions in the recent floods, the government continues to waste millions in a private jet, when they are already a number of planes at their disposal.”

2 Apr 2015 – theantdaily.com
Mahathir unleashes fury on Najib. Will it make any difference?


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