Teach MPs who voted in favour of Sedition Act a lesson in next GE

Teach MPs who voted in favour of Sedition Act a lesson in next GE, says DAP

The electorate should ensure that lawmakers who voted in favour of the oppressive amendments of the Sedition Act are punished in the next general election, a DAP lawmaker said today.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua said Malaysians, disgusted with the way Putrajaya had bulldozed through the bill in the Dewan Rakyat last week, should make their protests heard after Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi refused to address concerns raised by the opposition.

“We call upon all Malaysians who are disgusted with the behaviour of the BN government who treated the legislative arm with complete and utter contempt to make their protest heard,” he said in a statement today.

“The most effective way is to identify the MPs who had voted for the bill and organise a campaign against them. In particular, Malaysians should target the MPs who voted for the bill in constituencies where they won with razor-thin majorities.”

The amendments to the Sedition Act were passed in the Dewan Rakyat in the wee hours of April 10 by a vote of 108 to 79. Those who voted in favour of the amendments were Barisan Nasional MPs.

“The 108 MPs voted blindly for the amendments despite the vociferous protests from MPs, lawyers, civil society activists and ordinary Malaysians in and outside of Parliament,” Pua said.

He said there were 11 constituencies belonging to BN MPs who won the seat with fewer than 1,000 votes, including Baram, Teluk Intan, Labis, Bentong, Sungai Besar, Kuala Selangor, Beaufort, Machang, Titiwangsa, Pasir Gudang and Ketereh.

“A concerted campaign by voters in these constituencies over the next two to three years will see these MPs disposed of for betraying the democratic rights of Malaysians.”

He also listed constituencies of BN MPs who won with fewer than 2,000 votes, saying that that there was more than a “realistic chance” to replace them in in the next GE with some effort.

These include Kuala Kangsar, Bagan Serai, Arau, Setiawangsa, Balik Pulau, Tebrau, Kulim Bandar Baru and Sabak Bernam.

“In addition, another four MPs won with majorities of more than 2,000 but would have lost if not for three- or four-cornered fights in their constituencies. They are Pensiangan, Mas Gading, Ranau and Tenom.

“These are the 23 MPs in marginal seats who voted in blindly in favour of the draconian amendments to the Sedition Act. The effort to remove them from Parliament in the next general election starts today.”

He urged voters in these constituencies to write to their MPs and demand an explanation as to why they had allowed such “undemocratic and unjust” laws to be passed.

“Let them know that you will be taking concrete action to campaign, inform and persuade your fellow voters to vote against them in the next general election.

“It doesn’t take much. A 1,000-vote swing in each of these constituencies will see all of the above 23 seats in question fall. That’s just one vote to switch every day for the next three years in each seat. That, with a handful of other seats, will be enough to confine Barisan Nasional to the opposition bench for the first time in Malaysian history.”

Teach MPs who voted in favour of Sedition Act a lesson in next GE, says DAP
18 April 2015 – TMI


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