The true reason behind Malaysia’s travails

After six decades in power, sins of corruption, arrogance and greed block answers to one simple murder


What is that one singular thread that can perhaps best explain the current political situation where Malaysia’s heart-rate is missing a few beats?

To honestly and courageously answer that question we must remove the colored or tinted lens of political patronage and party allegiance that we wear; put aside all self interest for the moment; and do not even court for a second the fear of losing political power.

Is Malaysia not caught in the cruel fangs of long years of corruption and layers of arrogance and bottomless greed?

Take the Altantuya murder. This was not a straight forward murder. Otherwise why is Sirul holed away in Australia? Otherwise why does the prime minister have to go on air with a pre-recorded and trimmed interview in response to the pounce made by Tun Mahathir, eight long years after the gruesome killing?

Yes the court delivered a verdict, but the case never died, never faded from the court of public opinion despite stern warnings from the top-most policeman of the country.

Why? Because it is no ordinary straight forward case! Razak Baginda, do you hear this?

Instead, today we have to listen to so many individuals coming forward to clear the prime minister’s name. Why? Because it is no straight forward case and the answers are not convincing either.

In fact public perception is refusing to sway an inch in favour of the prime minsiter. Do his supporters realise that, too?

Why is it so difficult to pin down this case unlike so many mystery murders solved in the past?

While we pause to reflect, consider the 1MDB case.

It is unbelievable that so many people are rushing to defend the prime minister. Why? Because this, too, does not have any straight answers and is getting more complicated with every expose.

Come to think of it, would Tun Daim, Tun Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh and Tun Dr Mahathir himself risk their reputations by getting their concerns finally registered in the public domain?

The true reason behind Malaysia’s travails
April 11, 2015 – FMT


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