The world according to Ahmad Maslan

The Deputy Minister of Finance is clueless about a lot of things, especially economic matters.


Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has the liberty to choose whomever he likes to fill up his Cabinet, but his deputy in the Finance Ministry is such a terrible choice. Ahmad Maslan, when he opens his mouth to speak, makes Najib look like an economic genius in comparison. Perhaps it is for this reason that Najib leaves the talking to him.

Ahmad Maslan is clueless, not just about the GST, but about many other things.

In January 2015, Ahmad claimed that once the GST was implemented, the government revenue would be around RM23 billion compared to RM13 billion under the current tax system.

During a visit to Kampung Kerilla, which was severely affected by the recent flooding, he said, “With the GST, we can build more basic facilities such as roads, bridges, schools, clinics, hospitals, mosques and government buildings, which require the allocation of billions of ringgit.”

Ahmad claimed that without the GST, the government would have found it difficult to cover contingency expenses needed to restore facilities destroyed by disasters.

Trust Ahmad to use people’s suffering to sell the GST. So, what would have happened if there had been no GST? Would none be given to the East Coast?

Last January, Ahmad blamed “lazy” and unemployed Malaysians for the influx of foreign migrant workers into the various industries. He said, “The three percent are the lazy ones. They are worse than just lazy. There are around 300,000 of them, who are just sitting and doing nothing.”

Unscrupulous companies prefer to exploit migrant workers, giving them ridiculously low wages and virtually no rights. They are cheaper than Malaysian workers. Ahmad is being disingenuous. His government’s policies are at fault, not the Malaysians he called lazy.

Ahmad, who is Umno-Baru’s information chief, tried to use the self-styled First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) to convince the rakyat that the GST would benefit them. His idea flopped, and he had to do a lot of back-pedalling.

He said “I was there at the event and she (Rosmah Mansor) talked about how hairdressers who make house calls were charging up to RM1,200. She was only raising the issue. It’s not that she paid for it or used the services.”

The world according to Ahmad Maslan
Mariam Mokhtar
April 17, 2015 – FMT


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