Sycophancy – the BN art of leadership

What an embarrassment for the government for former diplomat and current chairperson of Suhakam, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission, to describe the commission as a watchdog tied to a post.

When Hasmy Agam was first appointed, I frowned. They have got a diplomat and this meets the government’s agenda. Alas, even this diplomat has found it tough. No one likes to be used and he has realised that it is time for people to call a spade a spade because we seem to be led by a level of leadership that is shocking. I will trust him any day compared to a minister.

Fancy the situation when the government passes the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota) and does not even engage Suhakam adequately so that appropriate safeguards are put in place. With a home minister allegedly more engaged with costly watches what can be said for his level of understanding of both democracy and rights.

This further highlights the fact that Malaysian democracy is all form with little substance. We have to get our structures and systems right and at the same time give men of quality the respect trust and freedom to give leadership to Institutions to play the role they are meant to play. There is an acute trust deficit and the present crop of leaders are mere sycophants. What is the use of graduating from Oxford University when you have no mind of your own!

The commissions are either a show or they are tied closely to the executive as is the case of the Elections Commission. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has no powers of prosecution. While MACC is doing a creditable job, the perception out in the market place is negative. Catch two or three top crooks in the present leadership and all that will change. Can this be done and do we have people of character and courage to do so?

Look at what happened to the Police Commission, the Lingam Commission and the numerous commissions that have been set up in the last decade. What has MACC got to say about all that Abdul Taib Mahmud of Sarawak has achieved nationally and internationally. No proof, or is it to protect the political fixed deposits? This is what discredits the MACC. They just do not seem to have the capacity to nab a big fish despite the levels of corruption in the nation.

MACC is unable to get prosecutions because this requires the attorney-general’s consent? This is yet another stumbling block. This is what I mean when I say that our democracy has form but not the substance. What do you say about a finance minister and chairperson of the 1Malaysia Development Board (IMDB) board who invests public money in the Cayman Island?

The lack of accountability with regards the stewardship of the economy is highlighted by the numerous scandals and were it not for the opposition, the sycophants would have had a field day.

The whole of the Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership is found wanting, be it Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan or PPP. It is the same leadership and you cannot find anyone who gives quality thinking and leadership at any level. BN hangs on by a thread with three leaders of its component parties being MPs by a mere majority of less than 300 votes each.

The end is in sight and unless there is a transformation from within initiated by some of the elders, it is going to be a slippery but definite road downhill.

Apr 17, 2015 – malaysiakini
By K Haridas
Sycophancy – the BN art of leadership


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