Is Najib deaf, deluded or in the twilight zone?

He continues to whistle his happy tune while the public fumes at the futility of meaningless and costly events.


Few things are admirable about PM Najib’s leadership of the country. Of the notable qualities of his six-year rule, foremost must be his talent for putting on a grand show to celebrate or herald all manner of government efforts and campaigns, including the loathsome GST.

Despite the brickbats thrown at him for the money spent on all the fanfare and confetti to usher his every announcement, he continues to whistle his happy tune while the public fumes at the futility of these meaningless and costly events. Perhaps the loud whistling allows him to deny hearing complaints about how ill-conceived and thoughtless some of his plans and actions really are. The people can no longer tell if he is just deaf, deluded, out of touch, or in the twilight zone.

He hears only the sweet songs of his cheerleaders, who say that all is well within the enchanted kingdom. They reassure him that the people are happy that all the bad dragons have been locked up or have been overpowered by his mesmerising speeches and everything is as it should be under his incomparable guidance.

The other skill he seems adept at is to overlook his own catastrophic misdeeds without attempting to explain or apologise for how he may have gotten it all so wrong.

Take, for instance, the blunder over 1MDB assets kept in Singapore. What the heck, why even bother answering for only the biggest gaffe in parliamentary history when there are proxies and paid publicists who can better explain an action that some have already labelled a crime? We suppose he could plead schizophrenia, but that would disqualify him from the job. Or the top cop could possibly be so kind as to say no action is necessary because he cooperated by swearing a solemn oath that there were no ill intentions, and then warn the public not to make political capital out of the episode.

His faith in the ability of his public relations team must be tremendous if he is counting on them to erase all memory of what was said to parliament about cash in the Singapore bank. Unfortunately, his publicity agents aren’t elected to the august house or sitting on the board of 1MDB to have any business addressing the federal legislators or the public on the matter.

When he does explain himself, he comes across as woefully inadequate and insincere by making out that the accusations of his detractors are just a plot to discredit him. The whole world can see that is not and cannot be an answer to explain the strange activities of the investment fund. He is implicated not because his detractors hate him and want to see him squirm, though it would give them immense pleasure, to be sure. It is because he is in charge as top regulator of all things financial. He is the Minister of Finance, is he not? And as the Prime Minister, he can open any door or window to let in maximum light without fumbling for any keys or the need to peep through keyholes.

That he is forced to use the argument that he’s been bashed by slanderous elements out to destroy his image and credibility is, for want of a better word, lame. This is not the attitude we expect from the head of a democratic government who must account for his actions and that of his cabinet. It is expected that explaining oneself and one’s actions is a major part of the job of being Prime Minister. He is even accountable for his team. So it won’t do to have others take the heat for the mess that originates from his decision making.

One topic that will remain relevant for some time is the GST. Why do small traders cite GST as the reason their prices go up? Najib’s people seem to be getting themselves into knots dealing with this issue. There’s really a simple explanation, and we give this short tuition to the Najib administration for free.

Even if their businesses are too small to warrant charging GST, the GST charges these petty traders pay for the various components they combine to make their finished goods have pushed their costs up.

Is Najib deaf, deluded or in the twilight zone?
May 26, 2015 – FMT


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