Malaysia must reappraise Rosmah’s pet project Permata

What about the ‘average” students’ in the country? Do they need no special help from national coffers that also fuels jet-set travel?


By J.D. Lovrenciear

Rosmah Mansor, the Malaysian prime minister’s wife who spearheads the pet project called Permata has just announced that this organisation is head-hunting gifted Malaysian children under the age of five.

A web site is seemingly being designed, to be uploaded soon and to be managed obviously by a team of early-child development experts.

Netizens are already pouncing on this announcement. Some are offering very insightful arguments against Rosmah’s pet project especially in the wake of this ‘head hunting’ venture.

Of course, those with and behind Rosmah will condemn these seeming naysayers as anti-government and anti this and that. Put aside our emotional bearings and let prudence, fair judgment and wisdom prevail.

Does Malaysia need a special project costing such huge amounts, an expense account that nobody seems to be able to put their finger on owing to blurred clarity and accountability? Does Malaysia need to focus only on, or create, this ‘promising’ future generation of so-called “gifted” children and if so why? Is our schooling system incapable of nurturing, grooming and producing responsible, capable, high-performing citizens for the future?

What happens to the vast majority of “average” students in the country? Do they need no special help from the national coffers that also fuels jet-set travel in the name of heightened security for some individuals owing to their special and invaluable status-quo?

There are many individuals who rose from the ordinary unsung kampongs and backwaters of cities who are today creating history in other nations through their innovations, contributions, and expertise. Permata was not there then, right?

How about the raging and unresolved Mat Rempit culture that has spread to every town and village road?

How about the children who can complete schooling and also qualify to enter universities but have to drop out because of lack of financial assistance? Or how about those who half-way through their studies are told that their scholarships have to be retracted or down sized?

Maybe the whole idea is some sort of Hitlerism in trying to create a whole new world out of a select cream or what critics say as elitist force?

Malaysia must reappraise Rosmah’s pet project Permata
May 31, 2015 – FMT


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