Zero evidence of “distortion” of documents – Sarawak Report

S’wak Report tells critics: Get ready to be sued for libel

UK-based whistleblower stands by their revelations on PSI and 1MDB and say critics should check their facts first before accusing them of ‘tampering’ documents.

KUALA LUMPUR: The UK-based whistleblower site, The Sarawak Report, said in a website posting that it has closely researched the extremely serious and libellous allegations which claim documents relating to its coverage of the PetroSaudi-1MDB joint venture were “tampered” and “distorted” in order to “creatively alter” the truth.

“We can now prove that these allegations are demonstrably untrue, by examining the evidence on which they were based,” said the website.

“So, our message to those who have accused us is check your facts before you sound off your accusations and start to worry about libel suits, if you have defamed us or an innocent man who is now in jail.”

The Sarawak Report was claiming in its posting that staff from the Umno-owned New Straits Times were transported to Bangkok on Tuesday in order to photograph the “staged arrest” of an alleged PetroSaudi International (PSI) whistleblower. “They claim that he was the source of millions of emails that have provided The Sarawak Report information about the siphoning of billions of ringgit from 1MDB.”

Indeed, added the website, it was PSI who had lodged the series of denunciations to the Thai police, which formed the basis of the charges that led to the arrest and detention. “PSI has accused their former colleague of taking their data and ‘distorting’ it, supposedly in order to ‘extort’ and ‘blackmail’ the company – a crime PSI claimed took place in Thailand.”

So, continued the website, it was hardly in the capacity of a neutral party that PSI offered the NST an interview with their “expert” interviewee for the story. “This turned out to be an unnamed employee of the UK based ‘cyber intelligence’ firm, Protection Group International, who had allegedly examined the documents uploaded onto the web by The Sarawak Report.”

The website reiterated that it can confirm that there is zero evidence brought forward so far to substantiate the claims of “distortion” made over the past 48 hours by the New Straits Times and taken up by certain media, bloggers and Umno politicians.

Indeed, it said, the little evidence that has been provided by these parties can be shown to confirm the exact opposite, which is that there has been no tampering of documents.

S’wak Report tells critics: Get ready to be sued for libel
June 26, 2015 – FMT


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