Everything To Hide

Everything To Hide – Najib Bottles Out Of ‘Tell All Session’ on 1MDB!

Najib has now shown that he is well and truly cornered over 1MDB. There are too many facts that are known and which he simply cannot disprove.

Indeed it is not a question of having ‘nothing to hide’ over 1MDB, it is a question of having nowhere to hide.

Today’s moving drama was the ultimate proof that he cannot stand up to straight questions and that he would rather be seen to run away than be grilled in the limelight over Jho Low and 1MDB’s missing billions.

First, there was what had been clearly meant as a staged Q&A to produce some controlled messaging on this thorny subject, under the guise of a “Nothing to Hide” Session at a friendly NGO.

However, when news got out about the event it became the hottest ticket in town and the crowds arrived early this morning in droves.

It must have been an unusual experience for Najib not to have to pay for his audience. On the other hand it was not at all the sort of audience he wanted.

The would-be questioners included Dr Mahathir himself and several other lethally well-informed critics with some very simple questions, which would have been extremely hard for Najib to answer.

For example: Why did 1MDB tell Bank Negara Malaysia it was transferring USD$1.19 billion into a joint venture with the company PetroSaudi, when in fact the money went straight into a Swiss bank account controlled by his side-kick and wife’s good friend, Jho Low?

Najib clearly cannot think of a suitable answer or he would have come already to Parliament and given it, instead of sending his deputies to waffle indirectly around the subject.

And nor can the Prime Minister offload the blame. He has already tried it, but it didn’t work, because too much is now known about his commanding role at 1MDB.

Najib had made the mistake of appointing himself the sole shareholder and sole decision maker over the fund, plainly in order to give himself the freedom and control he craved over the borrowing and disposal of the subsequent billions that have passed through his pet ‘development fund’.

But this sole power has also landed him with sole responsibility.

After the revelations that 1MDB is floundering in debt after billions were diverted into Jho Low’s bank accounts, Najib tried to pretend he had only a distant supervisory role and all questions on the matter would have to be referred to his juniors.

But this has been revealed as one of several lies that have been told by him and at his behest over past several weeks.

Another crucial lie, which has now been exposed, was that the missing cash from the PetroSaudi Joint Venture was sitting in 1MDB’s Brazen Sky bank account at BSI Bank in Singapore.

It isn’t, as his junior finance ministers have now been forced to admit – there is no cash in that account and nothing that can be translated into cash any time soon, if ever.

Everything To Hide – Najib Bottles Out Of ‘Tell All Session’ on 1MDB!
5 Jun 2015 – Sarawak Report


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