Malaysians deserve better leaders than the current crop

QUICK TAKE: The Umno Baru government currently is no longer stable to fully administer the country. Perhaps it is time that the prime minister sought the consent of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to dissolve Parliament and hold fresh elections to seek a new mandate from the people.

At the moment there has been a lot of uncertainty whether the whole Cabinet is fully behind PM Najib Razak. His warning to Cabinet members to leave if they cannot support his pet project 1MDB only shows that there are those who are not with him.

So far no one has come out openly to say that he or she does not support the PM. There are only murmurs that some really do not support him. But these members of the Cabinet who do not support the PM have not indicated that they will resign.

Echoing the PM, the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has uttered some strong words stating that those who disagreed with the PM should resign. All indications point to the fact that there is no complete unity among the ministers. None are brave enough though to take the one final step and tender their resignation to the PM.

The video that was taken at the meeting in Janda Baik indicated that those who attended the meeting were not happy with the way the PM was leading the country. Even the main speaker at that function is still keeping mum on his course of action.

He was greeted by his supporters when he arrived back from his holidays in Australia by asking him to save the country. He had said nothing so far on the matter.

This is the first time in the history of the country where members of the Cabinet are in disarray and yet none are brave enough to act positively.

The situation is bad for the PM as his challenge garnered no response. From the look of things, he definitely knew who are against him. Yet, he too refused to act to clear the mess.

This inaction on the part of the PM and the reluctance on the part of his cabinet ministers to show complete allegiance to him can only mean that the disagreement is very serious in nature.

That being the case, he should dismiss the entire Cabinet and call for fresh elections.

05 Jun 2015 – theantdaily.com
Malaysians deserve better leaders than the current crop


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