PM not answering the cardinal question

YOURSAY ‘Which part of the question that he did not understand?’

PM says again, no money used for personal gain

Odin Tajué: The now well-known exposé by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) was published on July 3. The implication of the exposé is so serious, so damning that were he innocent of the allegation, he would have, within at most 48 hours, instructed his lawyers to sue the journal for defamation.

Anyone in his position would not even demand a retraction and an apology published on the front page but initiate legal action immediately. A week has gone by, but he has not done so.

Instead, we hear of his lawyers asking WSJ for its position on the allegation. Why does he/do they need that? The message or information imparted through the exposé is clearer than daylight.

The exposé was written not in bombastic or highfalutin English but in a level anyone with at least 12 or 13 years of schooling would understand.

We note that PM Najib Razak has been playing with semantics to evade the question of whether he has taken the money. Here are two quotes of his:

“I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed” and “I would like to stress again that I had never taken 1MDB’s funds for my personal interest.”

Let us tackle the easiest matter first. The confirmation from 1MDB and SRC International are worthless. What we have heard from 1MDB chief Arul Kanda Kandasamy and Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah is more than sufficient to tell us that their statements are as worthless as monopoly money.

In both his quotes, what he has implied is that he did take the money, that the only thing he did not do was to use the money for his personal gain/interest. Of course, we all know that implication.

We are not as stupid as he seems to think we are. What constitutes or what he meant by personal gain/interest is of no import, as neither one serves to assoil or absolve him of the serious offence. But let us take a look at it, anyway.

If he did use some of the money to finance the Umno-BN campaign pre-GE13, and/or to induce voters to vote for the coalition by offering them incentives to do so, then the expending of that portion was for his personal gain because had the Umno-BN won, he would remain prime minister.

Continuing to occupy that position would be his personal gain. Similarly, if he had dished out the money to sundry people or entities, the reason for the giving must be anticipation of reciprocal support – which, again, would be his personal gain. Remember his ‘gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua’ (I help you, you help me)?

Existential Turd: Indeed, Najib is not categorically denying that huge sums of money were deposited into his bank account. He is denying that he used the money for his personal gain. This non-denial is as good as admitting his did receive huge sums of money.

What he means by “not for his personal gain” is up to his interpretation. So exactly for what purpose did he use the money for? Even if he did not gain directly, did he gain indirectly?

Jul 10, 2015 – Malaysiakini
By Yoursay
PM not answering the cardinal question


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