The hilarious, bankrupt, UNRELIABLE JESTER

When Umno’s ‘spinning’ fails, hilarity ensues

QUICK TAKE: Imagine you are a man living a mundane life as a railway services manager in your nice little hometown.

One fine day, you wake up to find yourself being accused of forgery, by a man you’ve never met in your entire life, halfway across the world.

Perhaps that’s the predicament poor Briton James Steward is going through right now.

Yes, this is the same railway services manager based in Ipswich UK, which former Sarawakian journalist Lester Melanyi has accused of being a designer capable of masterfully forging documents.

On Monday, Melanyi, in releasing a second video accusing website Sarawak Report (SR) of forging 1MDB documents as part of a conspiracy to topple Prime Minister Najib Razak, identified Steward as London based web designer “James Steward Stephen”.

He alleged that the designer was responsible for creating “90 per cent” of the forged documents on 1MDB under the direction of SR editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, based on information she obtained from former PetroSaudi International executive Xavier Andres Justo.

Now, the Malay Mail Online (MMO) has reported that that photograph shown in the “expose” was in fact, that of James Steward, who is currently employed by rail service provider Abellio Greater Anglia, as a customer service manager.

His mugshot in the video was lifted from the website of a British advocacy group for better passenger and freight rail services, which used a summary of a talk Steward gave in 2010, when he was still attached to his previous company.

According to the 2010 entry, Steward had worked in rail services for the past nine years.

His employers have also clarified via e-mail correspondence to MMO that Steward is their employee and is in no way connected to Malaysia, or forgery activities.

The sheer amount of stupidity displayed in this whole “1MDB forgery” fiasco is mindboggling.

This is rule No. 1 of how not to lie, right here.

Spin a story with a character who probably does not exist and attach the first picture that appears when you Google the fictional name.

If BN cyber-troopers and Melanyi were students, they would be caught red-handed the very next moment they tried to forge their parents’ signatures on their report cards.

Let’s put this into perspective – Melanyi claims to have met “James Steward Stephen”, master forger who is capable of making paper look like real money, but then conveniently forgets how he looks like.

When it’s time to make his earth-shattering “expose” public, he shamelessly lifts a picture of a man who has absolutely nothing to do with his claims, and whose name sounds close to the character he had created, in the hopes the media and the general public are gullible enough to buy it.

22 Jul 2015 – Ant Daily
When Umno’s ‘spinning’ fails, hilarity ensues


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