‘Corruption’ cannot simply be re-labeled ‘donation’


Donations? Why netizens are not impressed

COMMENT Since Barisan Nasional’s strategic communications director Rahman Dahlan declared that RM2.6 billion which had gone into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s private bank accounts was a ‘donation’, and thereafter, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) ‘confirmed’ it, the entire episode has turned into nothing but a big joke on social media.

Various screenshots have been circulated about ‘donations’ and become the talk of the town. One particular piece that caught my attention was an interview with several billionaires from around the world, who were asked how they made their billions.

They each replied saying that they had come out with some innovations, but gleefully a political figure head replied that he had the best answer, someone just donated RM2.6 billion! It may not have been done in good taste, but literally this is what Malaysians and the rest of the world have been told.

Another one showed a common scene of a traffic policeman stopping a driver and asking, “Straight to the point, how much do you wish to donate?”

If anything, Malaysians have become cynical towards the present regime. It clearly shows the disdain people have towards politicians who should be doing all the right things to earn the people’s respect.

Otherwise, one cannot explain how, within less than a week, there are already so many people poking fun at our politicians out in the social media about this so-called ‘donation’ theory.

Who is to be blame when this is no longer one or two individuals but the entire population. It has become part of our culture that the moment you mention 1MDB, so many ears suddenly pop up and everyone gets excited. Who is to blame?

Changing label simply would not do

Controlling the social media or the Internet is not going to win the hearts of the people, but would turn out to be more detrimental to the government’s own credibility.

This is one reason that even former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad realised that he could not control the flow of information with the advent of information communication technology (ICT). The world is getting ‘smaller’ and the social media is here to stay.

There are certainly better ways to properly educate the Malaysian public about the proper use of the social media, but banning it and controlling how one uses it is as good as saying that the government should also ban Adobe Photoshop because it is used to put together a cynical message.

In fact, social media provides the best way for any politician to know the heartbeat of the nation. A smart leader would use it gauge the sentiments of the people, and see how best to turn it around. The true leader should find out what people are trying to harp on, until their voices are heard.

I guess the bottom line that most Malaysians wish to tell some leaders in the corridor of power is that they cannot blame others for their own folly. Neither can they change the definition of ‘corruption’, but simply re-labelling it as a ‘donation’, although both words may end with the suffix ‘-tion.’

Aug 7, 2015 – malaysiakini
By Stephen Ng
Donations? Why netizens are not impressed


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