When law enforcers are nabbed, not the accused

YOURSAY ‘The regime is on an all-out effort to neutralise the damage done.’

MACC and AGC arrests linked to info leak

Kim Quek: Inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, you said the officers were arrested for leaking government information, pursuant to a police report made against Sarawak Report editor Claire Rewcastle. You further claimed that consequent of that leakage, the information has been “misused”.

So Khalid, what you said confirms that the documents exposed in Sarawak Report are genuine. As to whether such information has been “misused” depends on the nature of such information and the conclusion drawn by Sarawak Report.

So, we have settled the first issue: the facts are correct. The next issue is whether the conclusion drawn by Sarawak Report is correct. But that is none of the police business; it is for relevant party to rebut.

Khalid, you job is to catch the culprit, for which you seem to have done nothing. Instead you are busy catching people who leaked evidence of crime, and now worse, catching even the law enforcers who catch the thieves.

Khalid, this is high treason – your action is against king, country and the constitution. Stop it before you cause further tragedies all round.

Odin Tajué: Yes, simple logic tells us that if you arrest people supposedly for having leaked information or documents, then the matter leaked must be factual or contains facts. (Facts are things that are true or correct.)

If the matter contains falsities, there is no need to arrest the supposed distributor(s)/disseminator(s).

Since the police have arrested the particular parties supposedly for having leaked information or documents, then the information disseminated is factual or the documents given out contain facts.

But we don’t suppose the IGP is able to follow this logic. It is simply beyond him. Since the leaked matter is factual, he should have arrested the parties implied to have committed wrongdoings, but he has not; therefore, he is party to a cover-up and to maltreating the individuals arrested.

Aug 4, 2015 – malaysiakini
By Yoursay
When law enforcers are nabbed, not the accused


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