If funds from overseas, Malaysia in deep trouble

COMMENT The country is in deep trouble if such a huge sum of money as RM2.6 billion can be donated by a foreign source as political funds channeled into the private accounts of our prime minister.

It is simply preposterous the way how both Barisan Nasional’s (BN) strategic communications director Rahman Dahlan and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman had put it.

Rahman (photo) had been quoted saying that Umno does not see anything wrong with its president’s account being used as a trust account; Azalina, on the other hand, added to the script by saying that it is not wrong for Umno to receive political funds from a foreign source.

My question is since when the laws have changed? As Dr Mahathir Mohamad had said in his blog, the amount that could be spent per candidate for any general election is only RM200,000.

With only 222 parliamentary seats contested, and another 576 state constituencies being contested in the last general election, a simple calculation shows that BN can only spend a total of up to RM160 million. What happened to the rest of the money then?

And, why is Azalina so dead sure that receiving funds from a foreign source is not contrary to the spirit of patriotism? Does she even know the source of the fund?

Reveal the source

Certainly, a donation as huge as RM2.6 billion cannot be overlooked by any person in authority, and ordinary citizens like me would want to have an answer from the prime minister himself, being the man entrusted with the money.

Najib Abdul Razak has to come clean and transparent with regard to the money by revealing the source of the funds. Avoiding the issue, and using the iron fist, would not go down well with the average Malaysian. This will, in fact, lead to a deadlock in the Umno-led government-people relations for many years to come.

We would like to know the source of the fund, and why the donor is willing to provide such a huge sum of money. Is it the Saudi tycoons as suggested by PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli? Or is it the American president Barack Obama, who is seen close to Najib? If so, what are their objectives of channeling such huge amount of political funds to the BN chairperson?

What are the vested interests that this foreign funder has in our country? In short, what is his return on investment (ROI)?

Aug 4, 2015 – malaysiakini
By Stephen Ng
If funds from overseas, Malaysia in deep trouble


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