Najib uses raw power to stay put in Putrajaya

YOURSAY ‘You only got away so far because you control the key institutions.’

Najib: Three million Umno members support me

Aries46: If PM Najib Razak thinks with the 1MDB and PAC probe effectively scuttled with his pre-emptive strike against those out for his hide, the Public Accounts Committee chair out of the way and his propaganda machine in full swing churning out lies that everything is hunky-dory, he is badly mistaken.

As for Malaysians their clamour for the truth behind the alleged 1MDB scam will not abate until the criminals that siphoned off their hard-earned money are brought to book.

Yes, three million of his hired supporters may be at his beck and call for the goodies lined up but that does not necessarily convert to votes. Even the hardcore Umno man is feeling the pinch of Najib’s indiscretions.

This is not the Mahathir era when jobs were aplenty, economy growing and cost of living manageable for the poor.

Anything that Najib touched has become a burden and never in our history have the people been put in this plight of high cost of living and unjust taxes to feed Najib’s insatiable desires for power and pleasure.

Odin Tajué: Najib, this is yet another instance of you exhibiting your possessing of the gift of twisting or trying to twist your way out of the hole you are in. The one person you referred to is Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir (and so have many others) has demanded of you to step down from the prime minister’s position and not from the position of the president of Umno, so that the investigation into the alleged theft of vast sums of money from 1MDB, SRC International and any other entities could be effected without let and hindrance. Those are two completely different things.

You can remain as the president of your party till you kick the bucket for all we care. Of course, the imbeciles and the greedy and the corrupt in Umno cannot see the difference, for those of them who have somewhat functioning brains have minds that are totally clouded by the obsessive, overpowering lust for big, easy money and lofty positions – and, it is too obvious for words, yours is befogged by the same things.

You can fool those mindless, moronic helots and avaricious charlatans and knaves, whose numbers are, thankfully, small, but you cannot dupe and gull the majority of the populace.

You are still there only because, like all other corrupt tyrants and dictators, you have brought to bear all arms of the government to subdue, oppress, thwart and annihilate all those in your way. May your ignominious end be nearer than near.

Aug 4, 2015 – malaysiakini
By Yoursay
Najib uses raw power to stay put in Putrajaya


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