Zahid’s story on RM2.6b ludicrous, utter rubbish

Would you believe Zahid’s story on RM2.6b?

YOURSAY ‘If there was such a generous donor, why must Najib keep it a secret?’

Zahid: Arabs gave RM2.6b to keep Umno in rule

Tholu: Spin, spin, spin – never ending spin! This is ludicrous. This is utter rubbish.

“The subsequent transfer went through various transfers because the donor did not want there to be a single cheque in Najib’s name,” said DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Oh ya? But was it okay for the donor to see his total donation go only into PM Najib Razak’s account. Is the donor stupidity rich?

And why does he want Umno and other BN infidel parties like MCA, MIC and the political parties from East Malaysia continue ruling this country?

What is his stake in our country? Has Najib sold the sovereignty of our country to an individual in an Arabian country? Was there a trade-off? Are we, as a nation, compromised?

And by the way, how much money was given from this donation to all other BN component parties?

Dont Just Talk: The Umno Baru leaders have much to learn about leadership by example from South Korea.

Earlier this week, the South Korean court sentenced the country’s first female PM, Han Myeong Sook, to two years’ jail for accepting illegal political funding for 880 million won in 2006 and the sum is less than US$2 million.

In Malaysia, Najib accepted US$700 million wired into his personal account and he is getting away with it.

You can fool some of the people some of the time and not all the people all the time. Any wonder why local and foreign investors are dumping our ringgit?

Use your head, Zahid, and stop telling us cock-and-bull stories.

FellowMalaysian: I find it impossibly difficult to believe that an individual, be it an Arab magnate or whoever he may be, is willing to donate RM2.6 billion to a political party which has little affiliations to the donor’s country.

No one in his right mind will willingly part with such a colossal sum of cash if there were no benefits made in return. To say that the donor appreciates Umno’s effort in fighting terrorism does not speak well for the donor.

If there exists such a generous donor, then why must Najib keep it a secret as if it was given for his own keeping?

Shouldn’t he make a public declaration when he received the funds so as to avoid wrongful accusations like what is happening now?

And for Zahid to say that only the first tranche of RM100 million was made direct to his account because the donor did not want a single check to be under Najib’s name is truly making a farcical comedy out of Zahid’s whimsical imagination.

Samurai: As commenter Odin has pointed out, the terrorism story is utter rubbish. The donations were made before the Islamic State (Isis at the time) was even formed. Worse, in June 2014 Najib even made the infamous blunder of praising Isis.

Was the rich Arab donor an idiot? Or was the rich Arab donor really not a rich Arab donor? The plot sickens.

Hytan: According to The Wall Street Journal, the first transfer was US$620 million and not US$100 million as claimed by Zahid (unless there were more than two transfers).

What have cheques got to do with it (“the donor did not want there to be a single cheque in Najib’s name”) when the funds were wired into his account?

Zahid, show us the transfer documents sighted by you. Otherwise, we see more lies and lies, especially when you cannot even get the transfer transaction information correct despite claiming you saw the original documents of the transfer.

Aug 24, 2015 – malaysiakini
By Yoursay
Would you believe Zahid’s story on RM2.6b?


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