Aspan: Najib won’t last long

But country’s problems may persist indefinitely.

KUALA LUMPUR: Politics is all about perception, political analyst Aspan Alias writes in his latest blog posting.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Najib Razak can no longer change the negative perceptions Malaysians hold towards him. As a result, he will not last long in office, Aspan predicts.

And here’s why.

Referring to the ubiquitous RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ issue, Aspan says, “We have heard numerous answers, but in truth there can be only one.” The multiple contradictory answers given by Najib and those around him to date, he says, are merely intended to confuse the public.

“Many have formed the opinion that the money which ended up in Najib’s account did in fact originate from 1MDB after it had passed through multiple channels,” Aspan writes. “Whether he likes it or not, Najib has to accept that accusation.”

He can no longer ask the public to await the outcome of “investigations,” Aspan says, because Najib himself has already interfered in those very investigations by “displacing” those who were engaged in them through various departmental transfers.

As a result, Najib will never be able to furnish an acceptable answer to the accusations against him.

“That is why the people seek change in leadership, even if that change is within BN and UMNO,” he adds.

The people are not so evil as to want to kill off Umno, Aspan hastens to add, but the problem is that UMNO’s leaders nowadays lack the required dedication and finesse to command the people’s respect.

“The people are now afraid,” he says, because UMNO’s leadership has become so rotten that there is no one who is worthy of taking over the mantle as leader of party and nation.

“That is why while Najib may not last long, the nation’s problems are likely to persist indefinitely,” Aspan says.

Aspan: Najib won’t last long
August 25, 2015 – FMT


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