Debt, donation, deceptions and denials

As we peer into the haze of information that is currently in the public domain, some things are coming clear. The amount of RM2.6 billion is no longer in doubt. The fact that this was in an account under the name of the prime minister seems to be an accepted fact. Despite its circuitous route, the debt or donation was eventually credited into that account.

This also confirms many of the facts that the Sarawak Report and The Edge published, not to speak about international publications like The Wall Street Journal. If it was a donation why is there a need for all this camouflage? Was it because siphoned-off debt money from 1MDB, the nation’s sovereign fund, would have been viewed as a greater crime?

The alleged culprit needed time to assess what could be the best story in the context of damage control. There was a long silence before Najib Abdul Razak came out with any answers. Finally we are told that it is a donation. Now there are many who echo that it is not wrong to receive political donations.

While this may be a view, these politicians cannot explain away an amount as staggering as RM2.6 billion. There are limits to common sense being violated and explained away.

Let us call a spade a spade. Who, if any, will give away such an amount in donations? I tend to agree with Dr Mahathir Mohamad that all this is ‘bulls**t’. Secondly and more importantly, is there a ‘quid pro quo’ attached to this donation? Who is this ‘Santa Claus’ and what has motivated him to give money to Malaysia when he could have helped millions of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.

The citizens want to know and an explanation must be forthcoming. Other moves in the last weeks reveal that there is much more to all these shady deals than first meets the eye. This is akin to saying that the debt repayment that was advanced by Ananda Krishnan to 1MDB was out of love and affection for the chairperson of the advisory board of 1MDB.

Surely there is a ‘quid pro quo’ that will be collected at an appropriate time or an understanding that already exists. Genting Bhd benefitted immensely from the sale of their power business only to divert some money, as has been rumoured, to interested parties during the general election.

Why were four members of the parliamentary accounts committee (PAC) elevated to the executive? This raises serious questions as in one decisive move the work of this committee came to an end. Who was buying time? Was this a ‘quid pro quo’ for subservience or for information shared or disclosed? The citizen must ask these difficult questions because the perception of distrust is so strong and many an ordinary Malaysian feels cheated.

Those who left the PAC to join the executive did a service for themselves. They chose self-interest and perhaps party interest above national interest. These four could have redeemed so much for Umno but at the critical moment they failed and got sucked into the system. The general perception about their action is at best negative. Have they sold their souls at a time when many looked up to them for clarity?

The same cannot be said for the so called independent task force. Sadly their independence was short-lived. As soon as their investigations revealed something ‘hot’, efforts were undertaken to block them.

Aug 12, 2015 – malaysiakini
By K Haridas
Debt, donation, deceptions and denials


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