Only thing ill-advised and ill-informed is Tunku Aziz’s disgraceful statement

No one is buying Najib’s Arabian tale

YOURSAY ‘He must be blind and deaf to think we’re not open to listening to both sides.’

Tunku Aziz: TI head’s criticism of Najib is ill-informed

Gerard Lourdesamy: The only thing ill-advised and ill-informed is Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim’s disgraceful statement as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory panel chairman.

Why were you silent when PM Najib Razak removed the attorney-general (AG) and got his new AG to disband the special task force set up to investigate 1MDB?

You also keep quiet when officers of the MACC and AG’s Chambers seconded to the special task force where hounded and harassed by the police and transferred out at short notice.

When the Bank Negara governor and her officers were indirectly threatened, you also shut your mouth. Have you questioned Najib about the so-called RM2.6 billion donation, the bulk of which was allegedly re-transferred back to the Falcon Bank account in Singapore?

Did you comment on the implications of such a donation under the Anti-Corruption Act, the Financial Services Act, the Income Tax Act and the Penal Code? What about the RM42 million from SRC International?

Transparency International president Jose Ugaz said, “There are unanswered questions about the US$700 million that made its way into the prime minister’s personal bank account.

“There are two questions that need to be answered: Who paid the money and why? Where did it go? One man could answer those questions. If that does not happen, then only a fully independent investigation, free from political interference, can uncover the truth.”

Everything said by Ugaz is factually correct (as Najib has admitted to receiving the money) and thus, his questions are reasonable.

Quigonbond: Did Najib take the money for himself or the party, and if he took it for the party why wasn’t it recorded in the party’s account? Why hasn’t the police or MACC interviewed him? Is he above the law?

Is Malaysia now subservient to the dictates of a third party power? Has sovereignty of nation been compromised because we are now remotely run from outside the country?

Tunku Aziz must be blind and deaf to think Malaysians are not open to listening to both sides.

Turvy: If I wasn’t throwing up, I’d be laughing at the moronic reaction from this man, one of our anointed saints. If he was so sure about everything being above board about the PM’s accounts, why not simply share the details with the rest of us?

If he has the answer to these gross allegations, tell us. Instead, he says that the man should have asked the opinion of those who are informed. Who are these well-informed Brahmins who know all?

Negarawan: After revealing himself to be a Malay supremacist a few days ago, Tunku Aziz is now revealing himself to be a charlatan.

Does he consider himself to be well-advised and well-informed? Judging from his distorted and racist version of Malaysian history, he is far from being both.

No one is buying Najib’s Arabian tale
6 Sept 2015 – malaysiakini


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