Najib gets increasingly delusional

As noose tightens, Najib gets increasingly delusional

YOURSAY ‘Only a deranged man would utter such garbage; either that, or someone thoroughly evil.’

Najib hails red shirt protesters for ‘peaceful rally’

Anonymous #21828131: PM Najib Razak, I just don’t understand what’s going on in your little poisoned mind. Your speech reeks of hate, racism and vengeance.

He said the Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia was among his supporters who are willing to fight to the death in defending his government.

This speech is seditious. Just imagine if any opposition leader were to utter such threats? They would have been arrested by midnight and put behind bars.

What a disgraceful speech by a leader of a supposedly multiracial country. We can truly confirm that ‘1Malaysia’ is now dead and gone.

The IGP (inspector-general of police) should charge him for making such a speech which was full of hate and venom. It appears that Najib is hell-bent on creating racial strife.

JD Lovrenciear: Seditious! Seditious! Seditious! Does our revered IGP hear what the prime minister of a nation belted out? Do the cabinet members who claim to be polished leaders hear?

Do our revered rulers hear what the PM fiercely commanded? Does our judiciary hear? What on earth is Najib fighting for? And at Dataran Merdeka of all places.

Negarawan: “Najib said there was no sighting of racist signboards or provocative acts.”

Najib has yet again proven himself to be an incorrigible liar devoid of any integrity and honesty.

It is extremely unfortunate for any country to have a PM who is allegedly corrupt and who split Malaysians along racial and religious lines.

Najib’s entrenched grip on the government and key institutions is analogous to a cancer that is spreading insidiously. If something is not done to stop the spread at its early stage, the country will suffer from irreversible damage.

His leadership power is not based on intrinsic and charismatic strengths, but on financial gratification of his supporters.

His support of racist provocations against the Chinese will certainly damage relations with Chinese-majority countries like Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Kawak: There is really something wrong with the PM. He is telling lies and half-truths again.

He said there were no racist signboards and the ‘Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu’ rally was peaceful. He said Umno did not endorse the rally but was extremely excited with the turnout and congratulated the organisers.

He is speaking as if on behalf of all Malays in Malaysia. He conveniently ignore the fact that most of the Malays were not in favour of the red shirt rally.

He can only speak on behalf of only those in Umno that supported him. There are many Umno leaders and members who were against him and did not participate in the demonstration.

This speech to members of National Silat Association is promoting racial sentiments and hatred. And yet only the day before he said he would not tolerate anything that would led to racial disharmony.

No wonder many in the social media call him “Raja Klentong”.

Speaking Sense: A truly disgraceful behaviour from the prime minister. Only a deranged man would utter such garbage; either that, or someone thoroughly evil.

How can someone in his position talk such rubbish so irresponsibly? Is it really worth clinging on to his position even by deliberately stoking racial hatred and risking the destruction of the whole country?

Not Convinced: “They slapped us once, twice, three times, that’s fine. But when they slap us for the fourth time, they have gone overboard,” said Najib.

“Malays too have the rights. Malays too can show that we can stand up when our dignity is torn apart and our leaders mocked and shamed.”

But Najib, the first three Bersih rallies were dominated by Malays. So were these Malays slapping you and your silat defenders.

Anonymous 1689721435778173: The Bersih rallies have never been about race, unless rallying for free and fair elections, democratic reforms and eradication of corruption are considered a slap on the Malay face.

I weep for Malaysia if we continue to have a prime minister who is prepared to lie, cheat and steal with impunity and in the process corrupt and taint those in the executive to help him stay in power.

The longer he stays on as PM, the bleaker the future is for Malaysia. Don’t those who have the power to get rid of him have a conscience? Don’t they know what is right or wrong?

RM2.6Billion Duit Haram: Najib, no one is challenging Malay right. Anyone who challenges Malay right must be insane. You are inventing it just to garner support to defend your wrongdoings.

All these demonstrations, both yellow and red marchers, would be irrelevant had you been honest and sincere in tackling those 1MDB issues. No, you chose to run away when confronted with simple questions.

As a PM, where is your dignity if you keep evading the issue?

As noose tightens, Najib gets increasingly delusional
20/9/15 – malaysiakini


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