Leaders turning Malaysia to lowest of low, says Rafidah

Malaysia will end up a country without good governance and with rampant corruption if the powers that be do not address real issues that were being voiced out by the people, outspoken former minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said.

In a Facebook post today, she said the authorities seemed to be turning a deaf ear to the unhappiness expressed over these issues, which she described as “having to do with integrity and public trust, governance and money politics”.

“Is no one listening to the grouses of the public! The messages are not at all registering where they should. Some people seem to be in denial… Either that or perhaps they think the voices we are hearing don’t matter,” the former international trade and industry minister said.

“Why are the answers not forthcoming? Why are things being taken so lightly by some? Why are things allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that we now have a demarcation between ‘them’ and ‘us’?”

The former Wanita Umno head said she was also constantly being asked by others about what was happening to Malaysia, adding that the question was foremost on most citizens’ minds.

She then pleaded with the authorities not to “play politics” and to attend to the issues.

“Present to the public the outcomes. And please do not allow the issues to fester, and cause Malaysia to be relegated to the lowest quadrant of countries branded as lacking good governance, with rampant corruption, and socially and economically unstable.”

Rafidah has taken to Facebook recently to express unhappiness at the state of affairs in Malaysia, where Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is under pressure over alleged financial scandals involving his brainchild, 1Malaysia Development Bhd, and a political donation of RM2.6 billion deposited into his bank accounts.

Critics have said that a trust deficit in the Malaysian leadership is not helping the government even when it appears to make attempts to remedy the situation.

Rafidah said the government should “not sidestep serious issues” and warned that no amount of “comms and spins” would be able to right the wrong.

Putrajaya has had some of its ministers go on the defence for the government, while some Umno leaders have attempted to rebut critics about the RM2.6 billion donation, saying that there was nothing wrong with the party president holding the funds in trust for the party.

“If it is not for the good of Malaysia, then stop it and seriously find ways to remedy the damage.”

Leaders turning Malaysia to lowest of low, says Rafidah
2 September 2015 – TMI


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