Budget like haze

Budget like haze
Cloudy in areas
Slashes here cutting there
Only his needs top it up

Fixing the economy
There is no clear cut measures
Only draining out the resources
The civil pay list hike

The middle income groups
Nothing really to boost
With costs rising high
It never help the situation

Minimum wage jumps
Naturally the costs will take hike
The middle income groups will lose
What gains they lose out everyday

Like haze sometimes visible sometimes bad
A short heavy pour then silence in the sky
The wind keeps blowing of smog dust
The smog of white carpet returns

The ‘cash is king’ man
He doesn’t need to worry
He has billions to enjoy his breaks
Turn a blind eye walk away

The placards say it
Only ministers say it childish
We don’t expect them to say the truth
They want to enjoy their perks and power games

Budget like haze – caravanserai
October 25, 2015


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