Did Gerakan Youth chief said BN MPs are fools?

Gerakan Youth chief puts foot in mouth, again

YOURSAY | ‘If it’s ‘gaji buta’ for not attending Parliament, then no one can beat Najib.’

Fools give Kit Siang ‘gaji buta’, rues Gerakan Youth chief

SRMan: The cannon is on the loose again when he tweeted: “You fools just gave Lim (Kit Siang) six months of holiday plus gaji buta.”

What Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang simply means is that all the 107 BN MPs who voted for Lim to be suspended six months are fools or plain idiots.

This man is really in the same league with BN politicians such as Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Said Keruak, and Ismail Sabri, who often shoot their mouths off.

And Tan, if you talk about taking ‘gaji buta’ for not attending Parliament, then no one can beat PM Najib Razak.

His extremely poor attendance record of only 26 out of 358 days (or 7.3%) in Parliament over past five years should make him the highest ‘gaji buta’ PM.

Lone_star: Why was the motion to suspend Lim proposed? Because the Dewan Rakyat speaker claims he was insulted.

Tan, the House speaker might have you called up for labelling BN MPs as foolish.

Bluemountains: Does he realise that he is calling Gerakan MPs, including his party president, fools?

FellowMalaysian: Who would ever think that being kicked out of Parliament was a good thing and meant a free holiday other than the obnoxious big mouth Tan Keng Liang?

He has even resorted to calling voters ‘fools’ as no politician in his right mind will make such suicidal remarks.

Lim was lobbying for the speaker to allow the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to reveal their probe findings concerning 1MDB when he was unceremoniously thrown out from Parliament and slapped with a six-month suspension order.

But by the looks of Tan’s behaviour and his past odious conduct, this wayward child is best left to his own party to reprimand him as his actions as the youth chief speaks of the party as well.

Rick Teo: Tan never cease to amaze me with his stupidity.

His recent remark about not serving under a sex offender but would serve under a corrupt Najib has not even blown over, and this stupid idiot comes out with another gaffer.

Does he know that Lim has no choice in being suspended? So how could you blame him for getting a six-month paid vacation?

Can someone of authority in Gerakan get this fool out of the media. He is doing more damage to Gerakan with his stupid comments.

CQ Muar: Tan, don’t get carried away thinking you’re being smart and witty with those insults about DAP supremo Lim.

The latter had been in politics long before you even started to suck milk. Why pick on someone who can well be your father, and not Lim, who can easily tuck you in his pocket?

Tan, no amount of your “showmanship” can forge Gerakan ahead any further – the party will kick-the-bucket come GE-14.

It makes more sense getting back to your legal practice.

Goku: You want to see a fool? Try looking into the mirror.

How do you face yourself each day knowing that you are part of the reason Malaysia is on a steep decline?

Real fools are those who support the likes of you and the logic-defying narratives you present to the masses.

I hope no one is stupid enough to vote you into public office in the future. If there are, may the heavens have mercy on us all.

Ipohcrite: Tan is the epitome of the type of politician that BN produces – the type that any right-thinking member of the rakyat will despise.

His comments on Lim Kit Siang can only come from a true blue fool.

LKT: Where are all the good men and women in the government and Umno-BN?

Don’t tell me that when practically every ordinary Malaysian (irrespective of race or religion) outside the government and Umno-BN is able to see what is wrong with 1MDB or the RM2.6B in Najib’s personal account, these people in government/Parliament/enforcement agencies are unable to see what is wrong?

Gerakan Youth chief puts foot in mouth, again
25/10/15 – Malaysiakini


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