‘Wake up early to avoid toll’ advice is idiocy at its best

QUICK TAKE: If I had a ringgit every time a politician spouted nonsense in light of complaints by the rakyat on price hikes, I would be a millionaire.

Just when we were thinking we have heard it all, comes along Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan to prove us wrong.

Rahman wants those with issues paying increased toll rates to wake up earlier to get to work, so that they can use alternative toll-free routes.

News reports quoted him as saying that “wherever there are tolls, there are alternative routes. So you can just avoid tolls, just that you would have to brave traffic.

“It’s about trading off,” Rahman told reporters recently.

According to him, the government had no choice but to let concessionaires raise the rates as there has not been an increase for some time.

Wow, what an ingenious plan from a genius of a minister.

Rahman’s gem is the latest to join statements spouted by his former and current Cabinet colleagues, most of which are worthy to be listed on the “hall of shame.”

We have had heard things like “plant your own vegetables” if you can’t cope with the hike in vegetable prices. Also, “don’t eat chicken if you can’t afford it.”

We have also heard stuff like “go live on the moon” if you are unhappy with the government.”

It is always the people, the very voters who put these insensitive politicians in office, who are forced to bear the brunt of price hikes, and then “advised” to take ridiculous measures to cope.

It is never about the government understanding the rakyat’s plight and not imposing price hikes and smothering taxes.

05 Nov 2015 – Ant Daily
‘Wake up early to avoid toll’ advice is idiocy at its best


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