Insensitive minister making fun of people’s hardship

All work and no play makes Maslan a dull boy

QUICK TAKE: What do the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan and the Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ahmad Maslan have in common?

Both made outrageous, insensitive remarks about the average Malaysian, who is struggling to keep his head above water.

Last month, Abdul Rahman told the public that they should wake up early, so that they can use toll-free routes and avoid the traffic jams, when commuting.

A few days ago, Ahmad Maslan took pride in telling Malaysians that if they wanted to cope with the rising cost of living, they should start moonlighting.

Hinting that Malaysians should emulate him, he tweeted, “I have three jobs. MP, deputy minister, and Umno Baru information chief. Many in Malaysia are working two jobs.

“Working hard to make an honest living,” he added.

Ahmad Maslan is confused. He does not have three jobs. What he claims are jobs, are merely posts. Being an Umno Baru politician is not what people consider, “making an honest living”.

Today, in a quiet corner of Shah Alam, there lives a young woman – a single mother of three children. She is the driver, cook, gardener, cleaner, and handywoman for her household.

She also takes care of her ailing mother. Having been widowed, at an early age, she is fortunate to have an understanding boss, at a sundry shop.

If she needs to take her child to a doctor, she can come in late and make up the time, later. She is grateful that her elderly mother lives with her.

With children who are too young to take public transport, this mother drives them, to and from school. She keeps the house and garden as tidy as she can, and does simple plumbing repairs herself.

If this woman took other jobs, as Ahmad Maslan suggests, would she ever see her family and have time to care for her mother? This single mother is aware that most part-time jobs do not pay well.

The ordinary Malaysian, spends more hours commuting, than having quality time with his family. Unlike ministers, the rakyat do not have drivers to transport them along routes which have been cleared for them.

Ahmad Maslan should occasionally take a bus to work and see how people struggle with our decrepit public transport system. He would be exhausted, waiting for the bus and become bone-weary from being crushed against hoi polloi, and he will undoubtedly ponteng from the strain.

by Mariam Mokhtar
30 Dec 2015 – Ant Daily
All work and no play makes Maslan a dull boy


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