Najib burying himself deeper and deeper: think-tank

Najib burying himself deeper and deeper: think-tank

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak seems to be burying himself deeper and deeper into the political perception quagmire, as all his efforts to lift himself out seem only to worsen the situation.

A political analyst posited that such is the stigma attached to the PM that he has become the proverbial millstone around Umno’s neck.

“In terms of public perception, the issue has become a burden to the party,” said Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) CEO Wan Saiful Wan Jan.

“Unfortunately in politics, the actual legality does not really matter. It is public perception that matters most. If he is innocent, it is really unfortunate for him, but the reality is public perception is not on his side,” he added.

The failure here, Wan Saiful said, is due to Najib’s botched handling of the crisis of confidence in him.

“It is a shame that he is handling the issue the way he is handling it now. The cabinet reshuffle and the removal of the attorney-general, while it secured his position, damaged his public perception severely. One cannot recover from that,” said the political analyst.

Asked if Najib’s situation as a liability to Umno can be compared to what happened to former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, when his personal issues made him a liability to the opposition, the think-tank chief said that they are “worlds apart”.

“Anwar managed to galvanise support around him even though he was a liability at one stage, but ultimately he was the uniting leader,” argued Wan Saiful.

This differs from Najib whose every action seems likely to bury himself further into depths of the political perception quagmire, and his very presence is a threat not only to Umno unity but its political survival as well.

Wan Saiful (photo) said that Umno may not be able to go on further defending its leader as it may come at the cost of its own political survival.

“I am very sure that as we get closer to the next general election other leaders in the party will start to consider if they should go ahead with Najib’s leadership or not,” he said.

Najib burying himself deeper and deeper: think-tank
2 Feb 2016


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