Taking ‘full responsibility’ means resigning, Khairy

Taking ‘full responsibility’ means resigning, Khairy

Khairy Jamaluddin must do the honourable thing and resign immediately after the RM100 million theft of funds from his ministry took place under his watch.

Khairy Jamaluddinn as Minister of Youth and Sports, stands disgraced after the news of the RM100 million theft of funds from his ministry, made headlines.

And all that Khairy has ventured to say thus far is that he takes responsibility for what happened.

Taking responsibility is not shown by merely uttering a few words to placate taxpayers. At best, such words amount to feigning regret.

The misappropriation of RM100 million by a senior officer of his ministry over the past six years is historic in the annals of the Malaysian civil service. It can very well find a place in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Now it is for Khairy to write the next chapter in the history of civil service corruption by giving meaning to his bare statement that he takes full responsibility. We have always praised Japanese ministers and corporate leaders who dare to humiliate themselves in public in their bid to seek forgiveness for the wrongs done by their subordinates over whom they were supposed to have kept an eye on.

We know how the Japanese in centuries gone took responsibility for their wrongs and shortcomings – they committed hara-kiri in public.

We don’t expect Khairy to literally commit hara-kiri, but he must metaphorically commit hara-kiri by resigning from his minister’s post immediately.

As one who has been outspoken about integrity, efficiency and all the good that should be practiced, Khairy must now walk the talk. He must lead by example. He must translate his words “take full responsibility” in meaningful action by tendering his resignation immediately.

Unless this is done, Khairy’s “take full responsibility” pledge is nothing but a hypocritical statement.

Don’t tell us that according to the “budaya” of Malaysian politics, it is not only unthinkable for anyone to suggest a minister resign but that it is also seditious to make such a suggestion.

Don’t tell us it was “takdir” this RM100 million theft took place under Khairy’s watch, and therefore it is not his fault, just God’s will.

Learn how to feel shame. Learn how to be humble. Learn how to admit fault and pay for it voluntarily. This scandal is so serious that it leaves Khairy with no moral ground to cling to his post. So, at least gain some respect by resigning.

Taking ‘full responsibility’ means resigning, Khairy
By Ravinder Singh
March 23, 2016 – FMT


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