Why did the MCA harbour a racist member?

MCA responsible for its ex-member’s anti-national actions

By its silence, MCA sanctioned one member’s endless writings that berated, belittled and insulted the “ultra kiasu” and other non-Muslims.


By Ravinder Singh

Why did the MCA harbour a racist member whose mission was to drive one wedge after another and build one wall after another between those in Malaysia’s multiracial society? What political motives did he have for doing so?

By its silence, the MCA sanctioned his poisonous, endless writings berating, belittling and insulting the “ultra kiasu” and other non-Muslims and creating ill-will among Muslims and non-Muslims who have lived in harmony for ages, long before he arrived on the scene.

Does the MCA constitution allow for any of its members to create discord among the different ethnic groups that make up the population of this country?

Did not the MCA consider the poisonous writings of this member an anti-national activity? Why?

Why did the MCA not take any disciplinary action against this member for stirring up racial tensions with his vitriol, masquerading as a preacher, and spewing racial hatred in the name of religion?

Was the MCA afraid of the repercussions should it haul this Muslim member up and instruct him to stop his dirty game of raising racial temperatures, failing which he would be sacked?

What all this means is that the MCA was quite happy to see this member creating discord and disharmony among Muslims and non-Muslims.

How is the MCA going to undo the damage that this one MCA member has done to race-relations while a member of their party?

At the end of the day, MCA must take the blame for having contributed to the deterioration of racial harmony by allowing this “special” member to do that with impunity through his “sermons.”

MCA responsible for its ex-member’s anti-national actions
June 1, 2016 – FMT


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