Entire cabinet must resign over 1MDB, not just Najib

Ambiga: Entire cabinet must resign over 1MDB, not just Najib

All members of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s cabinet must resign as they are equally at fault for Malaysia’s woes, said National Human Rights Society (Hakam) president Ambiga Sreenevasan.

“It is not just Najib that is guilty of what is going on in Malaysia, it is the entire cabinet.

“All those ministers who are saying nothing, it is a sin of omission,” she said at NGO Aliran’s fundraising dinner last night.

Ambiga was speaking on the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) clampdown on corruption involving 1MDB.

The DOJ claims over US$3.5 billion in 1MDB funds had been siphoned off, and it is seeking to seize over US$1 billion in assets acquired with the misappropriated monies.

The case implicates Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s stepson Riza Aziz, and Penang-born tycoon Jho Low.

An unnamed high-ranking public officer cited as ‘Malaysian Official 1’ is also said to have received US$731 million of the allegedly siphoned 1MDB funds.

The prime minister’s opponents said clues in the DOJ’s documents show that ‘Malaysian Official 1’ is none other than Najib himself.

The Najib administration has been downplaying the US case, saying it is merely civil action.

Ambiga however insists that the court action is based on criminal conduct, and that there are enough clues in the court documents.

She said the allegations also cast a dark cloud over the prime minister.

“How can he possibly negotiate a deal now with the US? How can he go to Switzerland and carry out his prime ministerial duties?

“How can he go to any country when he is under this cloud? Will the foreign leaders trust him?”

She added that Najib is also compromising the country by selling national assets in order to save 1MDB.

This is in reference to 1MDB’s sale of Edra Global Energy to a government-linked company from China.

A Chinese firm had also bought a major stake in 1MDB’s Bandar Malaysia.

Both assets were sold as part of a debt restructuring exercise to plug 1MDB’s debts.

Ambiga: Entire cabinet must resign over 1MDB, not just Najib
24 July 2016 – malaysiakini


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