Who else had RM2.6b in his account, asks Muhyiddin

Who else had RM2.6b in his account, asks Muhyiddin

Based on information contained in the US Department of Justice civil suits against 1MDB, Muhyiddin Yassin indicated it is clear who the ‘Malaysian Official 1′ mentioned in the documents is.

“It was clearly stated in the DOJ report that this person had US$681 (RM2.6 billion) in his private account in Ambank Malaysia.

“We don’t know of any other apart from Najib who was reported to have that amount of money in his personal account with Ambank,” said the former deputy premier.

Muhyiddin also accused attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali of failing to do his job if the latter is in the dark over the identity of ‘Malaysian Official 1′.

He said Apandi should check with his counterpart in the US to find out who this person is.

“The Malaysian attorney-general is not doing the job he is entrusted with. How logical is it to say that the civil action in the US does not involve Najib? Who is ‘Malaysian Official’ 1 as understood by the AG, and mentioned in the DOJ filing?

“If he does not know, can’t he ask his counterpart in the US who this ‘Malaysian Official’ 1 is,” he added in a Facebook posting.

Instead of protecting Najib, the AG should send a local team of investigators abroad to follow up on the case and protect the interest of Malaysians, said Muhyiddin.

More importantly, Apandi should tell the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to reopen their investigation papers on 1MDB, said the former deputy prime minister.

“How is it that our investigators did not find any evidence on the disappearance of 1MDB money while foreign investigators did?

“Shouldn’t this have shocked the AG? Shouldn’t this be the priority? Not protecting the PM.

“Clearly the Malaysian public can no longer depend on him (Apandi) to defend our national interests,” said the Pagoh MP.

Who else had RM2.6b in his account, asks Muhyiddin
23 July 2016 – malaysiakini


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