AG, you are a disgrace!

AG, you are a disgrace!

Thinking Malaysians are rightly horrified at seeing the attorney general openly, publicly and happily frolicking with Barisan Nasional ministers.

He comes across as a picture of happiness, singing and dancing in the company of BN politicians.

He has no business to be caught in these incriminating circumstances.

To make matters worse, he has thus far neither denied his larking presence in the video clip nor refuted that he was cavorting and consorting with BN politicians nor challenged the accusation that his behaviour was unbecoming of an attorney general.

To dispel any perceived doubt that he is beholden to BN politicians, he chose to attire himself in BN uniform, regrettably shedding his required impartiality when he exercises his prosecutorial powers.

His conduct is tantamount to a blatant disregard for public opinion. Conduct such as this has destroyed the need for confidence in the fairness of our justice system. He had thus invited justified criticism for sullying his office and besmirching his character through his foolhardiness.

Malaysians who were appalled by his decisions and actions in clearing the prime minister’s involvement in the 1MDB scandal and scuttling the investigation of corruption of the RM2.6bn so-called donation will perhaps have a better understanding of his role after viewing this video clip.

With this evidence that questions his impartiality, Malaysians have every legitimate right to demand his resignation so that respect and confidence can be restored to the hallowed office of the attorney general.

We no longer have any confidence in his judgment and fairness, which have been effectively undermined by his reckless frolicking with the BN politicians.

Decency requires his immediate resignation.

AG, you are a disgrace!
by P Ramakrishnan
5 Sep 2016 – Aliran


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