New ‘super constituencies’ BN’s ticket to victory, says DAP

New ‘super constituencies’ BN’s ticket to victory, says DAP

Proposed boundary changes will see the bundling of non-BN voters into a handful of extra large “super constituencies”, paving the way for a BN victory, said DAP.

Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua said the move is evident, given expectations that BN is likely to win an even smaller vote share compared to the 48 percent popular votes it won to take the polls in 2013.

“Hence the trump card for BN was to redraw the election constituency boundaries to the extent that BN will be assured of a thumping victory even if their popular votes continue to decline.

“The simplest way of doing so would be to bundle opposition inclined voters into super-constituencies with more than 100,000 voters while breaking up hard-core pro-ruling party supporters into smaller multiple constituencies,” he said in a statement.

The clearest example, he said, is in his own constituency of Petaling Jaya Utara where new boundaries mean the number of voters ballooned by a whopping 76 percent, from 85,401 to 150,439 voters.

He said based on DAP’s analysis, Damansara could be won with a super-majority of 73,533, while neighbouring Subang (renamed Sungai Buloh) becomes a marginal seat.

If PKR won the seat with a majority of 26,719 in 2013, the projected majority for the now Sungai Buloh seat is a “very marginal” 3,037 votes, he said.

He added that based on 2013 voting patterns, BN will win at least seven Selangor assembly seats – Sabak, Hulu Kelang, Sementa, Selat Kelang, Pelabuhan Kelang, Sijangkang and Morib.

The seats are now held by PAS, Amanah, PKR and Independent assemblypersons.

“With brazen gerrymandering coupled with an aggressive campaign based on race and religious rhetoric, there is now a very real possibility that Selangor will indeed fall to BN,” he said.

New ‘super constituencies’ BN’s ticket to victory, says DAP
20 Sept 2016 – malaysiakini


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