WHY are Najib’s son and step-son in official delegation to China?

Anger about China visit not about who paid or gets invited

COMMENT After questions were raised about the presence of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s son Norashman Najib and step-son Riza Aziz in the premier’s official delegation to China, the usual suspects came to the PM’s defence.

Most loudly of these was of course the Prime Minister’s Department employed aide to Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor.

In his defence of Najib allowing his children Norashman and Riza to tag along on an official state visit using a government jet paid for by taxpayer’s money, Rizal Mansor said their presence was requested by the Chinese government.

He quoted an obscure Chinese proverb on how one must know of the source of the water before one drinks of it. He alleged that this is the common practice of Chinese officials to get to know the family of leaders they want to get close to.

It was also reported that the costs for the family members will be borne by the hosts, except for any extra spending.

But protocols aside, I think Rizal totally missed the point of the rakyat getting riled up over our prime minister and his family seemingly gallivanting around the world just soon after the government dropped the bomb shell of higher fuel and cooking oil prices on the populace.

It is off putting that your leader tells you to tighten your stomach and then fly off on what is essentially a working holiday, with his entire family to boot, in a jet we paid for with our tax, sweat and tears.

And yes, despite the artful defence of the rise in fuel price by a certain minister, claiming that Najib was responsible for saving us from another 5 sen increase in fuel price was made moot by the fact that he administered over the 15 sen increase.

Not quite so easy to play spin-the-bottle with such a subject matter, as it will always turn to point back at you.

But returning to the meat of the matter, the reason public ire was raised was not on whether or not that Najib’s son and step-son were officially invited to be part of the entourage, but the fact they went with him so visibly on a government jet paid for with taxpayers’ money.

Anger about China visit not about who paid or gets invited
2 Nov 2016 – malaysiakini


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