Najib’s family using government’s aircraft for holidays?

Gov’t jet zips across Australia as Najib’s family holidays Down Under

The Malaysian government’s Airbus Corporate Jet A319 has been zipping across Australia, which coincided with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s family holiday Down Under.

The aircraft, bearing the registration number 9M-NAA, took off from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport in Subang Jaya on Dec 22 at 12.07am and landed in Gold Coast, Australia at 10.06am the same day.

However, the stop was brief as the aircraft took off from Gold Coast at 11.47am and landed in Brisbane at 12.09pm. The plane stayed in Brisbane for four days.

There are no direct commercial flights between Brisbane and Gold Coast as they are only 110km apart, or an hour’s drive. 9M-NAA, a non-commercial jet, made the journey by air in around 20 minutes.

Coincidentally, after the aircraft’s one hour and 41 minutes stopover in Gold Coast before travelling to Brisbane, Najib’s son Mohd Norashman Najib began posting pictures from Gold Coast on Instagram.

On Dec 23, a day after the brief stopover, Norashman posted an Instagram picture of him golfing and used the tag “#goldcoast”.

“Golfing with the bros in Aussie land,” he said.

The next day, Norashman posted another Instagram picture of penguins at Sea World Gold Coast.

“Having a stare down with this penguin while the rest of his friends scurry for a treat,” he said.

On Dec 26, the Malaysian government jet took off from Brisbane at 9.11am and landed in Gold Coast at 9.35am.

Again, the stopover at Gold Coast was brief, lasting only two hours and 47 minutes.

The plane then departed Gold Coast at 12.22pm and arrived at Perth International Airport at 2.47pm. The aircraft has remained there to date.

Coincidentally, Norashman also began posting Instagram photos from Perth.

On Dec 28, Norashman posted a photo of himself in a room playing an electric guitar. The post was tagged “#Perth”.

The next day, he posted a photo of him cycling with friends in Perth.

Then on Dec 30, Norashman posted another photo of himself golfing with the caption “Trying to end 2016 in style” with the accompanying tags “#perth” and “#meadowsprings”.

He appeared to be referring to the Meadow Springs Gold & Country Club in Mandurah, which is an hour’s drive away from Perth.

Today, Norashman was back cycling as he posted a photograph of Najib and himself.

“Last cycle of the year with my dearest father. Happy New Year in advance to all and wishing everyone a blessed 2017 filled with love, elation and laughter,” he said and tagged “#Perth” to the caption.

All flight data were based on flight tracking site Flight Aware.

Gov’t jet zips across Australia as Najib’s family holidays Down Under
31 Dec 2016 – malaysiakini


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