MACC, why focus on civil servants, not politicians

MACC, why focus on civil servants, not politicians

Cuepacs can play a vital role in helping the government and MACC, to reduce corruption by encouraging more civil servants to become whistleblowers.


by Ramon Navaratnam

Grand corruption can cripple our economy. Indeed, it is already causing the decline of public confidence and widening a growing trust deficit.

Unless the deepening corruption and consequent economic inefficiencies are addressed firmly and urgently, the socio-economic and political prospects and our social stability can be seriously endangered.

That is why, it is most welcome that the MACC’s deputy Azam Baki has now announced a new MACC focus on high ranking civil servants and senior officials in sensitive areas of procurement and enforcement in the government-linked companies (GLCs) and the banking sector as well.

But it begs the obvious question as to – why does the MACC want to focus only on officials and leave out the top politicians from this new focus?

Politicians, be they from the government or the opposition, could be even more corrupt.

After all, they have a shorter career path, that could end at every general election, which is held every four to five years. Therefore, being more vulnerable than longer term career officials, politicians could have a higher tendency to make hay while the sun shines.

Hence, the public would rightly expect the MACC to also include politicians in the MACC`s new focus on those who live beyond their means. Otherwise, MACC’s credibility could suffer, as senior public servants and bankers could feel the application of double standards in fighting corruption.

Such officials may even sense unfairness in that corrupt politicians are let off the hook and are even condoned with, in their nefarious activities. So the officials will ask – why should they be honest, when their political leaders can get away with corruption?

So, we hope MACC clarifies soon why politicians are not beyond serious and focused investigation too.

MACC, why focus on civil servants, not politicians
January 4, 2017 – FMT


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