Those who just smile with no shame

Dr M: Japanese willing to kill themselves out of shame, but…

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been touring the Malay heartlands in a bid to convince them to vote for his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) in the next general election instead of Umno.

In his latest blog posting, the former premier decided to touch a raw nerve.

He noted how the Japanese were willing to kill themselves out of shame when unable to perform a task or for doing something which is considered wrong.

However, he argued that the feeling of shame is different among the Malay race, whom he claimed are not perturbed when failing to execute a task given or entrusted to them.

“They do not feel shame even when embezzling money entrusted to them…. There is little shame amongst the Malays.

“Today, this feeling of shame has eroded further. Though having sufficient income, when there is an opportunity to embezzle money, shame does not prevent them from committing this wrongdoing.

“Many are willing to accept whatever that is given for free without reservations. The source (of the funds) is never questioned,” he added.

The former premier also criticised the act of apple polishing, stating that some are willing to do certain things out of the desire to earn praise from their master.

“There is no shame when the person’s action is detected. The person feels no shame in abusing rights to apple polish his master,” he added.

‘Smile with no shame’

Mahathir said there are also those who just smile with no shame when accused of thieving.

“A feeling of shame should envelope society when an individual or a group among them is involved in a crime.

“But today, the Malays feel no shame in being led by those who are known to have committed theft and various other crimes.

“Instead of distancing themselves from such leaders, many are willing to share the spoils. There are those who help cover up the crimes, claiming that the leader had no knowledge or was duped.

Dr M: Japanese willing to kill themselves out of shame, but…
18 May 2017


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