A ‘public’ prosecutor wouldn’t be paid with ‘private’ money

A ‘public’ prosecutor wouldn’t be paid with ‘private’ money

YOURSAY | ‘ If the allegations aren’t true, then why are they so silent? Why aren’t they issuing denials or suing Sarawak Report?’

Nazri: No impact on Anwar’s trial even if PM paid Shafee

The Observer: Is this an admission that the allegations (lawyer Shafee Abdullah was paid millions of ringgit by Prime Minister Najib Razak) are true?

In other countries, this would have been a scandal of the highest order causing the president or PM to step down. What about here?

Ryan: While Najib may apparently not be a ‘public officer’, he could transfer public funds to his private accounts and use the funds in his private accounts to pay a private lawyer to act as a public servant to sue a private citizen.

Welcome to Bolehland.

The Fog of Life: This is yet another example that confirms that good values among our leadership are non-existent.

The issue is that minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz and the rest in Umno can’t even see (read: “Don’t want to see”) the potential legal and ethical issues with the report and the need to address this grave concern.

There is no point asking for transparency and honesty, the agenda is simply the very opposite.

Bluemountains: It is very shameful if a lawyer pretends not to know the implications. The money trail can show the ultimate beneficiaries if the authorities are truly independent and willing to get to the bottom of it.

Tholu: If for just being a hired prosecutor, one gets paid RM9.5 million, I will sell all my properties including my house and car, and take up law in the hope that one day I too will be hired as a government prosecutor and earn an amount that no present day defence lawyers can earn in their lifetime.

Mushiro: Mohamed Nazri himself suggested that the only thing that can change the outcome is if the judge was paid off. Is Mohamed Nazri implying that judges do not take money in Malaysia?

Oscar Kilo: You told us that he was hired by the government to be the public prosecutor, but if Najib personally paid the lawyer, then he is no longer a public prosecutor but instead a personal prosecutor.

Now that’s a conflict of interest.

Mikey!: A public prosecutor isn’t supposed to be a gun for hire. This is the point. Mohamed Nazri, a trained lawyer should know.

If a public prosecutor can be hired to put the screws on someone then no one will be safe. I’m sure there is a law on this.

Krissman: Nazri, even brownnosing has limits. Think just for a second like an ordinary citizen and put yourself in jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s shoes. Tell me you still feel the same way as you do now.

I don’t believe you would.

Debater: Nazri has missed the point. The point is not the effect of the payment on the outcome. The point is that it is wrong to pay the lawyer to act as a public prosecutor from a PM’s private account, with allegedly dirty money.

Worse, it was supposed to be the public prosecutor’s case. In other words, the PM had made it his own personal case if he had indeed paid Shafee.

XED: Let us get this straight. Parliament was informed that Muhammad Shafee was paid only RM1,000 for his services, and now there is a RM9.5 million trail from Najib to Muhammad Shafee two weeks before the Court of Appeal hearing of the prosecution’s appeal against Anwar’s acquittal.

If the roles were reversed and BN were in the opposition and it was its leader instead who had suffered Anwar’s fate, then BN would have accused the other side of corruption and abuse of power.

Anonymous #28648954: Dear Nazri, if the allegations aren’t true, then why are Najib and Shafee so silent? Why aren’t they issuing denials?

And why aren’t they suing Sarawak Report for the expose? It would be a sure win for them in court, wouldn’t it?

A ‘public’ prosecutor wouldn’t be paid with ‘private’ money
5 June 2017 – malaysiakini


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