Should NFC chairman be charged for attempted bribery?

The email that blew the whistle on NFC

NFC scandal: Focus on main players

Tell me, which Umno leader does not have problem, asks Shahrizat as MACC begins probe

NFC bought RM10mil S’pore condo registered in the name of Shahrizat’s family

For now, Shahrizat is safe but …

NFC scandal: MACC blind to corruptions

Najib’s dilemma: What to do with Shahrizat?

Is the Deputy IGP whitewashing a misappropriation?

Was Shahrizat’s husband paid RM100k a month?

Umno vultures start to circle over Shahrizat

Police ‘Whitewash’ of NFC And Shahrizat is Unacceptable

NFC spent RM5m on Mercedes, Putrajaya land and holidays

Not me, moos Shahrizat?

Malaysia’s UMNO Scandals I

The story behind NFC

PAC: NFC received loan before signing contract

Livestock breeders: Give us RM250mil, too

NFC scandal: Will BN do it right?

Arrogant DPM tells public: Up to you what you wish to think of NFC

Enough of bullshitting!

Inescapable whirlpool of self-destruction

NFC illuminates Najib’s transformations!

Holy cow, what an unlikely story!

Cattle project – Should we settle for this nonsense?

Shouldn’t someone go to jail in cattle farm scandal?

NFC’s ‘Gemas Gold’ is as expensive as Wagyu beef

NFC: It’s not about the cows

Umno jittery as NFC debacle unravels

“Beef Valley” is a failure

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