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Foreign funding probe smokescreen for Umno crisis

Azmin: Foreign funding probe smokescreen for Umno crisis

Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Azmin Ali has claimed that the investigation against organisations which received funds from Open Society Foundations (OSF) linked to American billionaire George Soros is a smokescreen for the political crisis plaguing Umno.

“They are unable to generate any positive appeal for the people so they are turning to their old tricks of creating fear and hatred based on a rotten foundation of lies,” he added.

The PKR deputy president urged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Umno to end their bullying of human rights activists.

“These are the people who are trying to make Malaysia better. Those who make it worse should not stand in their way,” he said.

Azmin also claimed the campaign is based on a “spurious conspiracy theory” that Malaysian activists championing the cause of free and fair elections, women’s empowerment, free speech, and human rights are conducting activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy under Section 124C of the Penal Code.

“The use of 124C and the powers of the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) is excessive and wholly irrelevant to the conduct of NGOs such as Bersih, Lawyers for Liberty and Empower who help the downtrodden, disadvantaged and needy through lawful means respectful of the Federal Constitution.

“The very causes that these groups work peacefully for – such as free and fair elections and free speech – are supposed to be guaranteed by our Constitution. There is absolutely no basis to use the harsh repressive measures of Sosma and 124C against civil society,” he added.

Pointing out that the conspiracy theory centres around these individuals purportedly being puppets of foreign powers, Azmin said Soros is once again being used as a bogeyman to encourage people to cling to Umno for safety.

“Yet I have to ask, isn’t the Malaysian economy open to foreign investment?

“Is an organisation’s funding only questioned when they point out the abuses that Umno/BN have committed against human rights and against the democratic rights of the Malaysian people to enjoy a parliamentary democracy established on free and fair elections?” he asked.

Azmin also questioned why the prime minister did not consider the deposit of foreign funds into his personal accounts as an issue of parliamentary democracy.

“Surely if foreign powers are able to directly influence the highest political office through donations there should be some accountability for it?” he added, referring to the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s accounts, which was claimed to be a donation from a member of the Saudi royal household ahead of the last general election.

Azmin: Foreign funding probe smokescreen for Umno crisis
9 Dec 2016 – malaysiakini


UN special rapporteur: Aren’t funding from Saudi princes dangerous?

UN special rapporteur: Aren’t funding from Saudi princes dangerous?

Urging a common international standard to be applied for foreign funding, a United Nations special rapporteur drew a comparison between the funds from Saudi princes and the George Soros-linked Open Society Foundations (OSF).

“Civil society organisations receive foreign funding for their operations. So why is it a problem when NGOs get foreign funding and not businesses or governments?

“If everybody gets foreign funding, why pick on one and say it is wrong but another is okay?” asked Maina Kiai in his lecture at the Integrity Institute of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

“For all we know, even individuals gets foreign funding from princes.

“Why is that okay and for others, not okay? The question here is that there must be a common standard,” added the special rapporteur on the rights to peaceful assembly and association.

For example, Kiai said it should not be a case of where receiving funds for OSF is considered to be more “evil and dangerous” compared to other sources.

“What about those Saudi princes who are giving money? Are they not dangerous? Are they not influencing people? These are the questions which we must ask,” he stressed.

When it was revealed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had RM2.6 billion in his personal accounts, he claimed it was funding from a Saudi royalty, given with no strings attached.

Detractors however claimed that the sum originated from 1MDB.

The prime minister has denied abusing public funds for personal again and was cleared by the attorney-general.

In its suit on the alleged abuse of 1MDB funds, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) claimed US$731 million flowed into the accounts of an individual it named as “Malaysian Official 1” or MO1.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan confirmed that MO1 was Najib, but claimed that since the documents did not name the prime minister, he was not part of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Kiai said concerns over foreign funding is not unique to Malaysia and the goal should be for all countries to adopt a common standard to deal with the issue.

“If it is okay for the Malaysian government, or for the Kenyan government to receive funding, then everybody should be able to receive funding,” he added.

UN special rapporteur: Aren’t funding from Saudi princes dangerous?
5 Dec 2016 – malaysiakini


Wrong to criminalise groups for receiving foreign funding, UN rep says

Wrong to criminalise groups for receiving foreign funding, UN rep says

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — Putrajaya should not criminalise civil society groups for receiving foreign funding when even governments around the world do so as well, a United Nations (UN) representative said today.

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on the rights to peaceful assembly and association Maina Kiai pointed out that there should only be one international standard to regulate the foreign funding.

“So why is it a problem when NGO gets foreign fundings and not businesses or government?

“If everybody in the world gets foreign funding, why do they pick on one and says its wrong but another one is okay?” Kiai said at a special lecture session titled ‘Freedom of Assembly: Trends and Challenges in International Human Rights’ at the Malaysian Integrity Institute here.

Kiai stressed that no one should be criminalised simply for receiving funds from organisations like the Open Society Foundation (OSF), which is owned by billionaire George Soros.

“We shouldn’t make it as though those receiving money from OSF, for example, are more evil or more dangerous than others.”

The Kenyan-born academic, activist and lawyer said that if it was alright for Putrajaya to receive foreign funding, then the same must apply for everyone else.

Wrong to criminalise groups for receiving foreign funding, UN rep says
December 5, 2016 – MMO


The Billion-Dollar (USD) man

Billion-dollar man


Guan Eng turns tables on Najib in bungalow scandal

Guan Eng turns tables on Najib in bungalow scandal

Lim Guan Eng says unlike Najib Razak, the former owner of his bungalow has come forward to explain the purchase unlike the PM’s Saudi donor who still has not.

KUALA LUMPUR: Speaking out against the allegations of corruption levelled against him, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng argued that unlike Prime Minister Najib Razak, he has not attempted to cover up any details about the purchase of a bungalow that was sold to him below market value.

He also said he did not attempt to hide the identity of the individual who sold him the said property.

“The person who sold the house to me has come forward. The person who donated the RM2.6 billion to Najib on the other hand, hasn’t.

“I have practised all levels of accountability that are not practised by BN leaders,” he said in a press conference at the lobby of Parliament here today.

Phang Li Koon, the former owner of the bungalow, who sold the property to Lim at RM2.8 million signed a statutory declaration (SD) recently denying any links between the sale and a company that had dealings with the Penang state government.

Lim himself has denied any act of corruption in the purchase of the bungalow, claiming he did not even know the real value of the property.

He also accused pro-Barisan Nasional print media such as the New Straits Times (NST) and Utusan Malaysia of taking part in a conspiracy to assassinate his character.

“These papers want to make corruption happen although there is no such thing.”

Guan Eng turns tables on Najib in bungalow scandal
March 24, 2016 – FMT


Report: Saudi minister doesn’t think Najib’s RM2.6b is a donation

Report: Saudi minister doesn’t think Najib’s RM2.6b is a donation

Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir has been reported saying he does not think the RM2.6 billion deposited into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak personal bank accounts was a political donation, or that it originated from the Saudi government.

Instead, the minister said the money was from an unspecified “investment”.

“It is (from) a private Saudi citizen, I believe, and the funds went to an investment in Malaysia,” Al-Jubeir was quoted as saying in a report by The New York Times yesterday.

However, Al-Jubeir said he accepted the Malaysian attorney-general’s opinion that there was no wrongdoing committed.

The report also quoted two separate unnamed sources who confirmed that the money was not a donation.

They claimed the money was, in fact, part of a “business deal”.

“One member of the royal family and one associate of the family – speaking on the condition of anonymity – said that the money had come from a Saudi prince and confirmed that it was not a donation.

“The associate questioned the reported sum, but said the funds were part of a business deal,” noted the report.

Report: Saudi minister doesn’t think Najib’s RM2.6b is a donation
6 Feb 2016


RM2.6 billion in Najib’s accounts not from Saudis, says WSJ editor

RM2.6 billion in Najib’s accounts not from Saudis, says WSJ editor

The billions of ringgit that ended up in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s accounts did not come from the Saudi royal family, but companies related to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) finance editor Ken Brown said.

Brown told Australia’s ABC News that they had evidence to back this up, and that ongoing international investigations into 1MDB would likely lead authorities to Najib.

“Our reporting has shown for months now that the money did not come from the Saudis but it came via a bunch of companies and bank accounts related to 1MDB.

“Our story hasn’t been called into question yet and we have lots of evidence to back that up,” said Brown in the interview, which was uploaded onto ABC News on February 12.

He said the “real action” now were the overseas investigations into 1MDB, and said information would slowly trickle out in the next few months.

“I think, you know, it will be hard to keep it away from the PM,” said Brown, referring to the direction of the investigations.

Brown added he believed Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali’s proposed amendments to the Official Secrets Act 1972 came about because the government wanted Malaysians to stop talking about the money Najib received.

Calling the proposed amendments an “extreme action”, he said it was no surprise that it was mooted shortly after Apandi directed investigations into the funds be closed.

“They’ve gotten a big backlash from that and now they come out and say no one can speak about that,” said Brown.

He said the proposal to charge journalists who refused to disclose their sources was also a move to cripple news organisations.

“Last year they shut down a couple of news organisation that had been reporting on the scandal. So this is part of that.

“They’re really trying to limit hat because the more they come down the more it looks worse for the government.”

In July last year, WSJ and the Sarawak Report reported that SRC International Sdn Bhd had transferred RM42 million into Najib’s personal bank accounts.

RM2.6 billion in Najib’s accounts not from Saudis, says WSJ editor
18 February 2016 – TMI

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