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Chua Jr under fire over NFC ‘neglect’

Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Chua Tee Yong has been asked how many times he has visited the National Feedlot Corporation’s (NFC) cattle-breeding project, which is in an “ugly state” today.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua (left) raised this when pointing out Chua’s tenacity in highlighting the Selangor government’s debt recovery exercise involving Talam Corporation Bhd.

“Did (Chua) even visit the NFC a single time to perhaps count the number of cows being bred in the farm, instead of making multiple fishing trips to the scenic Bestari Jaya lakes?” he snapped in a statement.

“Has Chua delivered his ministerial responsibilities by finding out why a RM250 million soft loan was extended to NFC … in 2008, two years before (the) project implementation agreement was even signed between his ministry and NFC?”

“Has Chua ever taken the trouble to find out why NFC has not paid a single sen back to the government (although the) … first repayment instalment (has been due) since January 2012?

“Can he provide an assurance to all Malaysians that every sen of the RM250 million will be collected back, whether in the form of cash or assets, just as the Selangor government has managed to successfully collect back the RM392 million Talam debts?

“If not, then perhaps Chua could give Malaysians a reason why he is fit to be a deputy minister other than to be the errand boy for the Selangor Umno warlord and its minister Noh Omar.”

Chua Jr under fire over NFC ‘neglect’
Aug 6, 2012 – Malaysiakini


Is cowing a whistleblower a good idea?

AUG 1 – If not for his arrest today, one would only remember that Rafizi Ramli has been going at the Ampang LRT line extension project with hammer and tongs over its systems contract, insisting for months that it would go to the George Kent joint-venture despite the consortium failing both the technical and commercial evaluation.

And, of course, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd confirmed the contract said to worth more than RM1 billion has been given to George Kent, a water meter- and tank-maker whose biggest deal before was just RM40 million.

But that was up to yesterday.

Today, Putrajaya reminded us of Rafizi’s first explosive exposé ? that RM250 million in public funds was used to buy luxury condominiums and other properties instead of being fully invested in its intended use for a national cattle farm project.

This morning, the PKR strategy director was arrested and later brought to court over charges of violating the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) for exposing financial details of the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), which runs the National Feedlot Centre (NFC).

The NFCorp is owned by the family firm of Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

Only a court can decide if Rafizi has broken any laws when exposing the scandal that led to Shahrizat losing her Cabinet post after her senatorship was not renewed earlier this year.

But a few questions come to mind. The authorities took their time to investigate the NFC scandal despite alarm bells rung by the Auditor-General in his report last year.

The authorities have only charged Shahrizat’s husband, Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Salleh Ismail, with criminal breach of trust (CBT) and cheating nearly RM50 million.

But what about the others involved? Or even allegations of money laundering in their quest to buy properties in Kazakhstan and Singapore rather than cattle from Australia?

Why the gentle treatment for the NFCorp owners and the witch hunt for whistleblowers who have exposed how public funds were abused?

For that matter, what use are whistleblower protections laws if those who provide information are instead hunted down and later charged in court?

Wouldn’t such action cow future whistleblowers? Or is this a warning to those in the civil service and government agencies to keep their mouth shut and not reveal the chicanery in their respective units?

This government is going down slippery slope by pursuing whistleblowers, especially a credible whistleblower like Rafizi, whose exposés in the NFC and Ampang LRT contracts have shown how public funds have been wasted for the benefit of the few. Especially with the prevailing view that the NFC culprits have been treated with kids gloves.

Is cowing a whistleblower a good idea? – The Malaysian Insider
August 01, 2012 – TMI


Rafizi pleads not guilty to BAFIA violations

SHAH ALAM, Aug 1 – PKR strategy chief Rafizi Ramli was charged today with violating the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) in exposing confidential banking details related of National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd (NFCorp), in a case that will put whistleblower protection laws under greater scrutiny.

The firm runs the federal government’s cattle farming project that has been at the centre of a RM250 million scandal.

The charge proffered under Section 97(1) of the BAFIA stated that Rafizi had disclosed four customer account profiles detailing the balance summary for the National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd (NFCorp), the National Meat and Livestock Sdn Bhd, Agroscience and Industries Sdn Bhd and NFCorp chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail, to two individuals identified as Yusuf Abdul Alim and Erle Martin Carvalho.

Under Section 103(1)(a) of the same law, he could be fined a maximum of RM3 million and jailed up to three years if found guilty, which could seriously hobble Rafizi’s chance of standing as a candidate in the 13th general elections that must be held by April next year when the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition’s mandate expires.

Former Public Bank clerk Johari Mohamad was charged with abetting Rafizi in disclosing the account profiles for the same four customers, under Section 112(1)(a) of the BAFIA, read together with Section 91(1) of the same law that deals with confidential banking information.

He faces the same sentence as Rafizi if convicted.

Both Rafizi and Johari pleaded not guilty when the charges were read out at the Sessions Court here.

Bail was later set at RM15,000 each, with Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, who is also PKR communications director, as bailor.

The trial is set to start on September 10.

The charge comes at a time when Rafizi’s credentials as a whistleblower has been burnished with the many high-profile cases like the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal he has brought to light.

On May 30, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) had summoned Rafizi to give his testimony under BAFIA related to the NFC, two weeks after an ex-Public Bank clerk was hauled up under the same law.

Rafizi has been at the forefront of exposés on the NFC scandal involving a RM250 million government loan.

He had said the move to summon him for investigations showed “the authorities do not welcome whistleblowers”. He then challenged Datuk Seri Najib Razak to deny that his administration was victimising informants and protecting those involved in corruption.

Rafizi had also asked why BNM did not investigate the family of former Cabinet minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who are directors of the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) — the operators of the NFC — under the Anti-Money Laundering Act for alleged money laundering.

The opposition has alleged that NFCorp directors used the loan meant for a federal cattle farming scheme to buy or finance properties in Kazakhstan and Singapore worth at least RM45 million, and to siphon out at least RM12 million to their own companies in the island state.

Rafizi pleads not guilty to BAFIA violations
August 01, 2012 – TMI


Consultant’s criminal charges point to bribe bid by NFC boss, says lawyer

PETALING JAYA, June 29 — New criminal charges against Datuk Shamsubahrin Ismail accuse him of convincing Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail to hand over RM1 million to bribe police investigating graft claims against the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), the consultant’s lawyer said today.

N. Surendran told a press conference today public prosecutors should also charge NFCorp chairman Salleh, who is the husband of Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, for trying to bribe the police to close the case.

“The Attorney General is admitting in the charge sheet that Salleh was trying to bribe police. I have never seen such a charge from the AG’s chambers as it goes against public policy,” said Surendran (picture), who is also a PKR vice president.

“He is protecting someone who wanted to bribe the police. If he has evidence NFCorp tried to bribe police, why is there no action against Salleh?”

The purported charge sheet dated June 12 made available to reporters shows that an initial charge of cheating Salleh, who with his three children own the company accused of abusing a RM250 million federal loan, was split into four different parts.

Three of them, dated November 25, December 1 and 5, state that Shamsubahrin cheated Salleh into handing over cheques worth RM255,000, RM500,000 and RM300,000 respectively after “convincing (Salleh) dishonestly” to “… believe a part of the money was supposedly to be given to police officers in the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department, Bukit Perdana, to close the ongoing investigations by the Royal Malaysian Police related to NFCorp.”

Consultant’s criminal charges point to bribe bid by NFC boss, says lawyer
June 29, 2012 – TMI


Rafizi: Why me and not NFC chief?

PKR strategy chief Rafizi Ramli has questioned Bank Negara’s move to summon him over alleged offences under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (Bafia).

Rafizi, who was served the summons under Section 87(1)(a) of the Act, asked why the central bank did not act against National Feedlot Corporation chairperson Mohamad Salleh Ismail and his children for “openly” transferring funds “illegally” to family-owned businesses in Singapore and Kazakhstan.

“They had admitted to it and shouldn’t they also be investigated by Bank Negara under the Anti-Money Laundering Act?” he asked.

Rafizi was called to Bank Negara at 2.30pm today for his statement to be recorded.

Bank Negara’s investigation against Rafizi comes after Mohamad Salleh’s police complaint against him for 21 breaches for revealing private and confidential banking details that are protected under Part XIII of Bafia, on Secrecy and Information.

“While I respect Bank Negara’s responsibility and the authorities in conducting investigations, but I’m worried that the constant pressure on me and Johari Mohamad (a former Public Bank clerk) are to cover up the scandal involving NFC,” Rafizi said in a statement today.

The issue is believed to be related to claims by Rafizi on purchases in KL Eco City by Mohamad Salleh and his family, which are worth at least RM10 million.

‘The authorities do not welcome whistleblowers’

However, hauling him up for investigations showed that “the authorities do not welcome whistleblowers”.

Rafizi: Why me and not NFC chief?
May 30, 2012 – Malaysiakini


‘Bank clerk unlawfully interrogated over NFC’

A Public Bank employee was subjected to “unlawful interrogation” by his employers after allegations that he leaked the account details of National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) directors to PKR.

Johari Mohamad, who tendered his resignation from the Jinjang branch on May 2, has claimed that he was “grilled” by Public Bank and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) officers for more than a week before being issued a show-cause letter.

“Johari (centre in photo) was grilled in a serious manner for hours and hours…by his employers in which BNM officers were involved, (and was) deprived of assistance from his lawyer. This is entirely illegal,” his lawyer N Surendran (left in photo) said today.

Surendran, who is PKR vice-president, said this also shows that the bank had taken action weeks prior to NFC’s report to BNM against his client and Public Bank on April 30.

Asked by reporters if he is indeed the whistleblower, Johari initially said “No” and then, “No idea”, before Surendran said Johari cannot comment on this in order to avoid prejudicing his case.

Johari also claimed that he has never met NFC chairperson Mohamad Salleh Ismail.

“Whether whistleblower or not, the point is the authorities going after the person who revealed misappropriation of public funds of quarter of a million ringgit and that is wrong,” Surendran said.

“Drop the investigation against Johari immediately, because if he is the whistleblower he should be given an award. If not, it is highly improper investigation to intimidate (other) people at the bank.”

‘Bank clerk unlawfully interrogated over NFC’
May 14, 2012 – Malaysiakini


PKR accuses NFCorp directors of cashing out

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 — PKR today accused National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) directors of disposing of property worth RM4 million which it alleges was bought by leveraging on the RM250 million federal loan to run the National Feedlot Centre (NFC).

Strategic director Rafizi Ramli alleged that the directors, who are Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s family members, are cashing out assets prior to winding down other related companies now that the government is inviting bids to take over the cattle farming scheme.

Rafizi (picture) told reporters the NFCorp owners are now finalising the sale of three office units in Sri Hartamas for RM3 million, which he claimed was at a discount of 25 per cent from their market value.

“This is the sign of a distressed sale. At first they were on a shopping spree. Now they are on a selling spree,” he told reporters, referring to assets worth over RM75 million financed by the RM250 million meant for the NFC.

Putrajaya said on March 27 it will invite bids to take over the cattle farming scheme from NFCorp, whose chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail is Shahrizat’s husband, is facing criminal charges for abusing RM49 million worth of public funds in the scandal.

Rafizi alleged today the Sri Hartamas units were purchased by the Wanita Umno chief’s family by making huge deposits using NFC’s millions to leverage personal loans.

They are now being sold to a company here called Insun Developments Sdn Bhd, he claimed.

Rafizi added the loans for these offices were given by the same bankwhich he said on March 7 had financed another eight offices worth RM12million in the luxurious KL Eco City development.

PKR accuses NFCorp directors of cashing out
April 05, 2012 – TMI

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