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Why did the MCA harbour a racist member?

MCA responsible for its ex-member’s anti-national actions

By its silence, MCA sanctioned one member’s endless writings that berated, belittled and insulted the “ultra kiasu” and other non-Muslims.


By Ravinder Singh

Why did the MCA harbour a racist member whose mission was to drive one wedge after another and build one wall after another between those in Malaysia’s multiracial society? What political motives did he have for doing so?

By its silence, the MCA sanctioned his poisonous, endless writings berating, belittling and insulting the “ultra kiasu” and other non-Muslims and creating ill-will among Muslims and non-Muslims who have lived in harmony for ages, long before he arrived on the scene.

Does the MCA constitution allow for any of its members to create discord among the different ethnic groups that make up the population of this country?

Did not the MCA consider the poisonous writings of this member an anti-national activity? Why?

Why did the MCA not take any disciplinary action against this member for stirring up racial tensions with his vitriol, masquerading as a preacher, and spewing racial hatred in the name of religion?

Was the MCA afraid of the repercussions should it haul this Muslim member up and instruct him to stop his dirty game of raising racial temperatures, failing which he would be sacked?

What all this means is that the MCA was quite happy to see this member creating discord and disharmony among Muslims and non-Muslims.

How is the MCA going to undo the damage that this one MCA member has done to race-relations while a member of their party?

At the end of the day, MCA must take the blame for having contributed to the deterioration of racial harmony by allowing this “special” member to do that with impunity through his “sermons.”

MCA responsible for its ex-member’s anti-national actions
June 1, 2016 – FMT


Umno’s red terror gambit

COMMENT When illiberal regimes lose their legitimacy, when they run out of excuses, when they feel their power slipping away, they almost always resort to scaremongering and scapegoating.

Suddenly, imaginary threats are everywhere. Everyone who does not toe the line becomes an enemy, an agent of dark unseen forces, part of some sinister conspiracy. All criticism, all dissent becomes seditious, unpatriotic, anti-national, a threat to national unity.

The ensuing tensions then provide the context and justification for further repression and for increased curtailment of fundamental liberties. What’s left of democratic space slowly vanishes.

Is the same thing now happening in Malaysia?

Najib’s red guards

Trapped in an increasingly untenable position over the massive 1MDB corruption scandal, Prime Minister Najib Razak and a close coterie of advisers appear to have adopted a strategy of trying to divert attention away from their own failures by playing up racial and religious issues, stoking fear and division and releasing their own version of the “red guards” to intimidate and terrorise.

With the connivance of the official media, old racist canards about the Chinese – that they are selfish, self-centred, ungrateful, money-grabbing, disloyal, unpatriotic, racist, disrespectful of Malays and Islam, that they control the economy, that they are blocking the progress of the Malays, etc. – are being highlighted once again.

What the red shirts, and by extension Umno, appear to be selling is the preposterous notion that despite decades of endemic corruption, abuse of power, mismanagement of the economy, fiscal irresponsibility and the degrading of our national institutions under Umno rule, it’s the Chinese who are really to blame for all the nation’s problems.

And the DAP, despite its multiracial character (it is in fact far more multiracial than any BN party) is somehow the chief villain, spearheading a sinister Chinese plot to overthrow the government, seize power and marginalise the Malay community.

Anyone who knows anything about Malaysia and the overwhelming control that Umno exercises over almost every single national institution, over every single lever of state power, will know how utterly asinine such a view is.

It is so absurd that surely not a single Umno leader really believes it but it is useful to confuse, distract and shift the blame.

The danger, of course, is that the red shirt mob will soon start believing the web of lies and deception they weave and take it to even more inane heights.

One senior Umno politician who was prominent during the red shirt rally, for example, went so far as to defend his racism by claiming that it is an Islamic obligation.

Has it come to this now when racism is worn as a badge of religious fealty instead of the disgrace that it is? Is nothing sacred to them anymore that they would turn a religion of peace and tolerance into an instrument of discrimination and hate?

Umno’s red terror gambit
21/9/15 – malaysiakini


Let’s reclaim Malaysia from racists

“I will never forget these moments. Throughout the rally, I heard them calling me keling (a derogatory term for Indian), bangsat, bodoh and a pendatang. They stood tall as they said this. Their friends laughed and then jeered as well.”

These are the words of a reporter who covered the recent Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu or “red shirt” rally on Malaysia Day in Kuala Lumpur. She was not alone. Others were called “Cina gila babi” (Crazy Chinese pig) and “Cina bangsat” (Chinese bastard).

On the day when we were supposed to celebrate 52 years of nationhood when Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore came together on September 16, 1963 to form a new nation called Malaysia, we have a racist hate fest in our capital city.

It is beyond irony that on Malaysia Day, this rally took place. The whole theme of the rally was “Don’t challenge the Malays, this land belongs to the Malays, this is Tanah Melayu (Malay Land) and all the rest are penumpang (squatters)”.

This is nothing short of the rejection of Malaysia, a coming together of not just four geographical regions but of multiple ethnic and religious communities.

Racism is alive and well and it is tearing up our country. The flames of hatred towards other ethnic groups are being fanned by politicians with the help of certain mainstream media and fuelled by social media.

It is turning our communities into time-bombs or minefields waiting to explode at any time or at the slightest provocation, where a common theft of a handphone or a vehicle accident can turn into a racial riot.

We have a problem but we have a choice as well. We can either choose to be part of the solution or to be part of the problem. The problem does not lie with the politicians alone and neither is the solution.

Racist leaders thrive on the fears, insecurities and suspicions in each community. Such environments are like oxygen to a fire. Deprive them of the oxygen and they will be snuffed out in due course.

First thing we can do is to stop hero worshipping leaders who only champion for their own communities. I am not talking about the Malay supremacists alone because for every Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Ali Tinju or the new kid on the block, Datuk Jamal Md Yunos, we can find their equivalent in every ethnic community.

These leaders want to be “super heroes” to their own kind by exploiting on the vulnerabilities of the people. Often times, they hide behind the language of their community, inciting anger, fear and hate towards others.

They articulate those primal feelings and amplify them. Their egos are inflated at the expense of our collective harmony.

Such leaders are the problem, not the solution to ending racism. We must expose them for the charlatans that they are and stop listening to them.

Second, we can all be and must be good neighbours. We would be tempted to get inflamed by racist remarks and we want to do “an eye for an eye” thing. But since we can’t get hold of these racist leaders, we do the next best thing. We take it out on our neighbours who happen to share the same ethnicity as the racist and thus the ripples of hate expand.

But it’s our choice. We can either choose to douse the flames of racism with love, kindness and respect, or add fuel by inconsiderate acts, rudeness and racial slurs.

Lastly, spread goodwill, not fear and hate. The tools of social media are powerful. Wrongly used they can wreak havoc. Used wisely, they can halt the cancer of racism.

Let’s reclaim Malaysia from racists
Thomas Fann
21 September 2015 – TMI


The Economist: Malaysia ‘playing with fire’ with red-shirt rallies

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 – Malaysia risks facing more serious clashes with an upcoming red-shirt rally amid pro-Malay sentiments that will distract Putrajaya from implementing difficult but necessary reforms, The Economist said.

The London-based publication said in an analysis that Malay communalism grew quickly last July after US paper the Wall Street Journal reported that almost US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) was deposited in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s private accounts shortly before Election 2013, leading to a sudden Cabinet reshuffle where critics from within Umno were dropped and “pro-Malay hardliners” elevated.

“Most ordinary Malaysians reject racial rhetoric. But with more red-shirt gatherings in the offing, the risk of more serious altercations is rising,” said The Economist in the article titled “Playing with fire” published today.

“The spats are distracting the government from tricky and badly needed social and economic reforms. They are also worrying ethnically pluralist neighbours, such as Singapore, which frets about infection.

“As this year’s chair of ASEAN, a group of Southeast Asian states eyeing closer integration, Malaysia had pledged to promote a more modern and prosperous region. It is sinking deeper into its past,” The Economist added.

Sungai Besar Umno chief Datuk Jamal Md Yunos, who was one of the key personalities in the September 16 #Merah169 rally that saw racist insults hurled at ethnic the Chinese, said Wednesday that “red-shirt” protesters may return to Petaling Street this weekend and “riot” if the authorities do not crackdown on alleged sales of counterfeit products in Chinatown.

The police were forced to use water cannons to prevent protesters from entering Petaling Street during the pro-government September 16 rally that was attended by tens of thousands of Malays garbed in red shirts.

Traders in Chinatown are reportedly considering closing tomorrow for fear of the possible riot, despite police assurances of security.

The Economist noted that Malaysian politics have long been race-based and pointed out that Malay incomes have increased rapidly following pro-Bumiputera policies implemented after the 1969 race riots that saw killings and Chinese shops burned.

The Economist: Malaysia ‘playing with fire’ with red-shirt rallies
September 25, 2015 – MMO


Najib gets increasingly delusional

As noose tightens, Najib gets increasingly delusional

YOURSAY ‘Only a deranged man would utter such garbage; either that, or someone thoroughly evil.’

Najib hails red shirt protesters for ‘peaceful rally’

Anonymous #21828131: PM Najib Razak, I just don’t understand what’s going on in your little poisoned mind. Your speech reeks of hate, racism and vengeance.

He said the Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia was among his supporters who are willing to fight to the death in defending his government.

This speech is seditious. Just imagine if any opposition leader were to utter such threats? They would have been arrested by midnight and put behind bars.

What a disgraceful speech by a leader of a supposedly multiracial country. We can truly confirm that ‘1Malaysia’ is now dead and gone.

The IGP (inspector-general of police) should charge him for making such a speech which was full of hate and venom. It appears that Najib is hell-bent on creating racial strife.

JD Lovrenciear: Seditious! Seditious! Seditious! Does our revered IGP hear what the prime minister of a nation belted out? Do the cabinet members who claim to be polished leaders hear?

Do our revered rulers hear what the PM fiercely commanded? Does our judiciary hear? What on earth is Najib fighting for? And at Dataran Merdeka of all places.

Negarawan: “Najib said there was no sighting of racist signboards or provocative acts.”

Najib has yet again proven himself to be an incorrigible liar devoid of any integrity and honesty.

It is extremely unfortunate for any country to have a PM who is allegedly corrupt and who split Malaysians along racial and religious lines.

Najib’s entrenched grip on the government and key institutions is analogous to a cancer that is spreading insidiously. If something is not done to stop the spread at its early stage, the country will suffer from irreversible damage.

His leadership power is not based on intrinsic and charismatic strengths, but on financial gratification of his supporters.

His support of racist provocations against the Chinese will certainly damage relations with Chinese-majority countries like Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Kawak: There is really something wrong with the PM. He is telling lies and half-truths again.

He said there were no racist signboards and the ‘Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu’ rally was peaceful. He said Umno did not endorse the rally but was extremely excited with the turnout and congratulated the organisers.

He is speaking as if on behalf of all Malays in Malaysia. He conveniently ignore the fact that most of the Malays were not in favour of the red shirt rally.

He can only speak on behalf of only those in Umno that supported him. There are many Umno leaders and members who were against him and did not participate in the demonstration.

This speech to members of National Silat Association is promoting racial sentiments and hatred. And yet only the day before he said he would not tolerate anything that would led to racial disharmony.

No wonder many in the social media call him “Raja Klentong”.

Speaking Sense: A truly disgraceful behaviour from the prime minister. Only a deranged man would utter such garbage; either that, or someone thoroughly evil.

How can someone in his position talk such rubbish so irresponsibly? Is it really worth clinging on to his position even by deliberately stoking racial hatred and risking the destruction of the whole country?

Not Convinced: “They slapped us once, twice, three times, that’s fine. But when they slap us for the fourth time, they have gone overboard,” said Najib.

“Malays too have the rights. Malays too can show that we can stand up when our dignity is torn apart and our leaders mocked and shamed.”

But Najib, the first three Bersih rallies were dominated by Malays. So were these Malays slapping you and your silat defenders.

Anonymous 1689721435778173: The Bersih rallies have never been about race, unless rallying for free and fair elections, democratic reforms and eradication of corruption are considered a slap on the Malay face.

I weep for Malaysia if we continue to have a prime minister who is prepared to lie, cheat and steal with impunity and in the process corrupt and taint those in the executive to help him stay in power.

The longer he stays on as PM, the bleaker the future is for Malaysia. Don’t those who have the power to get rid of him have a conscience? Don’t they know what is right or wrong?

RM2.6Billion Duit Haram: Najib, no one is challenging Malay right. Anyone who challenges Malay right must be insane. You are inventing it just to garner support to defend your wrongdoings.

All these demonstrations, both yellow and red marchers, would be irrelevant had you been honest and sincere in tackling those 1MDB issues. No, you chose to run away when confronted with simple questions.

As a PM, where is your dignity if you keep evading the issue?

As noose tightens, Najib gets increasingly delusional
20/9/15 – malaysiakini


Stop being ‘wishy-washy’ with extremists, Pak Lah tells leaders

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 — Malaysia’s political leaders must take a firm stand against those promoting extremist views, former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said, warning that peace would not be achieved even if the bigots got their way.

Popularly called Pak Lah, the man who led Malaysia from 2003 to 2009 told The Star daily in an interview published today his fears for the country with the voices of bigots and “rabble rousers” growing louder even though he believed most Malaysians were “moderates”.

“The political leadership has to take a firm stand against those espousing extreme views. We cannot be wishy-washy about it,” he was quoted saying.

“Let us not forget that in Nazi Germany, it was said that only 5 per cent believed in Hitler; the other 95 per cent were cowed into silence,” he added, quoting from 18th-century Irish politician Edmund Burke to underline his point, “The only things necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Abdullah defined moderation in Malaysia’s context as “the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behaviour and political opinions” taking into account the country’s ethnic mix was not limited to Malays, Chinese and Indians but said, “we are also a nation of more than 100 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups”.

Urging moderates to speak out and return to the vision of Malaysia’s founding fathers, Abdullah noted they could make their voices heard in many ways.

“In the last general election, some of the strident and more vocal extremists were voted out,” he was quoted saying.

Stop being ‘wishy-washy’ with extremists, Pak Lah tells leaders
February 15, 2015 –


PM defending the indefensible

Dear PM, your citizens are not illiterate

COMMENT I honestly believe that the furore over Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s Facebook post earlier this week is not the biggest issue the country has faced this week.

It is far from the real issue. The more telling concern would be if a learned individual writes ‘salt’ on a piece of paper but insists that he was actually talking about ‘pepper’.

More so if the individual is a member of the government. In this case, there is not an individual to single out, but an entire group of people aligned to the government singing the same defence tune.

It’s there in writing, posted, with screenshot. Ismail Sabri suggests there should be a boycott on Chinese traders for being “stubborn” in refusing to bring down the prices of goods following the recent drop in oil prices.

He also seems to take a direct aim at a business entity – Old Town White Coffee to be precise – insinuating that a DAP politician holds shares in the company.

There is no denial about the existence of the writings.

But no, it is not racist, says its author. In fact, it is said to be a “noble” statement.

All those who had interpreted the writings as having racial undertones were deemed to be opposition sympathisers, opposition members themselves, or mere political enemies. When an MCA leader raises criticism over the statement, he is immediately accused of being bedfellows with the opposition party DAP.

If not racist, then irresponsible, lazy

You start by questioning the intelligence of the argument put forth, but when you hear the same argument often enough, narrated with such conviction and absolute surety, you begin to question your own intelligence. It is your intelligence that gets insulted at the end of the day.

I am not Ismail Sabri’s political enemy but I’m pretty sure, unless almost two decades of coming through the Malaysian education system had failed me, that Ismail Sabri did single out the Chinese with his statement.

At the very least, even if not construed to be racist, it was an irresponsible, blanket and lazy statement that would not help solve anything.

Because there is no need for lateral interpretation to understand what he was trying to say with his Facebook post.

Yet, we have dozens of people trying to convince us that we had read the statement wrongly, as if it was a Sandro Boticelli artwork that needs to be studied through each different layer. All over the refusal to issue an apology.

We have dozens blaming all the criticisms against Ismail Sabri squarely at the doorstep of DAP instead of questioning the wordings of the minister’s supposedly “noble” attempt to get people talking about the price of goods.

PM’s elegant silence in need

Ismail Sabri defending himself was not surprising, to be honest.

But the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) reacting with such jest to the criticisms was a surprise. The statement the PMO pieced together, after actually discussing the matter in a cabinet meeting yesterday, was appalling.

It claims Ismail Sabri was referring to all traders irrespective of race.

Why, then, was there a line that explicitly states that Chinese will continue to oppress the Malays if the latter do not stand up for themselves? How is that a reference to all the traders? Why was Old Town White Coffee specifically mentioned?

If Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak cannot put forth a statement with more conviction and sense of leadership, he should opt to stay silent, just like the elegant silence he has maintained on many other pressing issues such as 1MDB’s debts, and so on.

But the fact that the statement was attributed to a vague ‘spokesperson’ from the PMO probably underscores how badly this country lacks leadership.

Feb 6, 2015 – Malaysiakini
By Ram Anand
Dear PM, your citizens are not illiterate


Ismail Sabri’s lousy public service record

Who is Ismail Sabri Yaakob?

COMMENT Now that the cabinet has cleared Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, for his allegedly race-inciting hate comments on Facebook, I would like to suggest that he be given leave from his position to undergo a course in Business Economics 101.

This is because, quite apart from his racist mindset, he is the man who was earlier responsible for the plastic fishbox controversy when domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism minister, as a result of which fish prices shot through the roof for a period of time.

He was also the man behind the fiasco concerning school bus operators who were provided with short notice to buy new buses to replace old school buses. This was a move from which he had to back down when the bus operators threatened a shutdown of services.

In the kopitiam when the government new policies were first announced, besides the public anger, there was much speculation on who would benefit from these measures which would raise prices of fish and school transportation. Certainly not the fishermen or school bus drivers. Perhaps the companies providing the plastic boxes or school bus distributors? Perhaps their runners?

Ismail Sabri’s public service

On second thoughts, I think that the minister does not need to undergo any business course. This is because, if the blogsphere is to be listened to, he does seem to know a lot about business, especially unreasonable profits and monkey business.

Feb 5, 2015 – Malaysiakini
By Koon Yew Yin
Who is Ismail Sabri Yaakob?


‘Blame Putrajaya for high prices, not Chinese’

Federal minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has been labelled “shallow and stupid” for urging Malays to boycott Chinese traders over high prices arguing that the power to control prices of goods remains with the federal government.

Penang state exco member for agriculture and primary agro-industries Afif Bahardin, saying this, questioned why Chinese traders are being blamed for not reducing their prices when the relevant ministries can be easily do so.

“No one can force anyone to buy any goods from expensive or cheap outlets. The people do it on their own free will,” Afif (left) said during a press conference held in Seberang Jaya yesterday.

He said the agriculture and agro-based industry minister failed to understand the real issue that needed to be addressed, which is the lack of government control over the prices of essential goods such as rice and sugar.

“He mentions high-end eateries such as Old Town White Coffee outlets, but we are more concerned about the farmers and fisherfolk who produce essential goods like rice, poultry or fish, and who will be affected by the implementation of the GST come April this year,” said the Seberang Jaya assemblyperson.

“Where is the minister’s suggestion or proposal to address the concerns (of price increases) by these communities?” asked Afif, whose state portfolio includes health and rural development.

“Don’t use race as an excuse to deal with the issue or to incite racial hatred when this is truly just an economic problem,” said the PKR national deputy youth chief.

Feb 5, 2015 – Malaysiakini
‘Blame Putrajaya for high prices, not Chinese’


Najib’s failure to condemn racist ministers appalling

Najib’s failure to condemn racist ministers appalling, says DAP

Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s complete failure to censure Cabinet members over their racist statements is both “appalling and disappointing” even as the prime minister continues to promote the 1Malaysia concept and the Global Movement of Moderates, a DAP lawmaker said today.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua was referring to Najib’s defense of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry minister Datuk

Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who had urged Malays to boycott Chinese businesses that refused to lower their prices in a Facebook posting recently.

Najib’s actions, Pua said, was an attempt at pretending that Ismail had not made the statement despite his blatant call to boycott Chinese businesses.

“The complete failure by the prime minister to even gently rebuke Ismail Sabri over his incendiary racist statement is both appalling and disappointing given his rhetorics of promoting 1Malaysia and the Global Movement of Moderates,” Pua
said in a statement today.

“It is obvious that the honourable prime minister would rather look stupid and ridiculous, than to make any effort to denounce blatant racism and malicious lies spouted by his own Cabinet members.”

In defending Ismail, Najib had said that the minister’s post was a reminder for all businesses to lower the price of their goods and had not targeted any specific race.

In a statement, the Prime Minister’s Department said the comments were “meant to rebuke traders who refuse to lower the price of goods” despite lower fuel price.

“The rebuke he made was targeted to all traders and not just traders from a particular race. Besides that, he suggested consumers use their purchasing power to force traders to reduce their price of goods,” the statement said, adding that ?Najib had reaffirmed the government’s commitment to protect the interests of all races?.

In his posting, Ismail said that if the Malays boycott Chinese businesses, they would have no choice but to lower their prices.?

He also singled out the OldTown White Coffee chain owned by OldTown Bhd, saying Perak DAP adviser Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham owned shares in the company, which the latter had later denied.

“Malays are still refusing to boycott (OldTown White Coffee) what more when its owner is said to be the DAP Ngeh family of Perak who are known to be anti-Islam.

“As long as the Malays don’t change, the Chinese will take the opportunity to oppress the Malays,” Ismail said.

His comments drew the ire of the public while MCA, Gerakan and DAP members lodged police reports against him.

Following that, Ismail was hauled up by police over his statement and was called to give a statement yesterday.

Pua (pic) had said yesterday that Ismail’s “racist rant” on Facebook reveals that Barisan Nasional (BN) has spread so much untruth that they are falling for their own lies.

Najib’s failure to condemn racist ministers appalling, says DAP
5 February 2015 – TMI

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All that is necessary
for the triumph of evil
is for good men
to do nothing.

- Edmund Burke
When the people
fears their government,
there is TYRANNY;
when the government
fears the people,
there is LIBERTY.

- Thomas Jefferson
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