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Holy cow, a super-efficient MACC? (ref. Malaysiakini)

(Malaysiankini report, “New anti-corruption body yet another BN lap dog?” )

It boggles the mind that the chief of the newly established MACC can be so blatant and shameless about his bias and selectiviy in investigations of alleged corruption cases! The speed at which it has completed its investigation on the Selangor Menteri Besar regarding alleged wrongdoing in the maintenance of a car and purchase of sacrificial cows has left many breatheless, amazed and furious.

There are dozens and dozens of other alleged corruption and abuse-of-power cases which are much more serious but which we have yet to hear a word about from the MACC. However, when it comes to an accusation involving a Pakatan Rakyat politician, the MACC acts with super-efficiency. Not only has it completed its investigations on the Selangor MB in record time, the head of MACC, Ahmad Said Hamdan even proclaimed to the world the findings of the investigations and claimed MACC has “good and strong evidence” againt the Selangor MB. How in the world can the MACC proclaimed that the subject of their investigations is guilty even before prosecution has been instituted?

The Selangor MB Khalid was accused of using state funds to purchase cows for the poor in conjunction with religious celebrations and for maintenance of his personal car which he used for official functions. Wow, are these the most serious of corruption cases? Are these even corruption at all?

But guess who is the person who made the accusations? It is none other than – the one and only – Khir Toyo! This formal MB of dubious morality seems to have his dirty hands involved in various smearing campaigns against Pakatan Rakyat politicians. Khalid has already demanded an apology from Khir Toyo for his allegations. As it was not forthcoming, his lawyers have filed two defamation suits against Toyo last week.

While the MACC makes unprecendented disclosure of its swift investigations on allegations against the Selangor MB, many Malaysians are bewildered by the inaction on much more serious allegations in numerous cases. Can the MACC please make equally grand proclamations to tell Malaysians what they have done on cases such as the following?

  • the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal
  • the VK Lingam case where the Royal Commission of Inquiry had already found strong evidence of misuse of powers and conflict of interests
  • allegations of involvement of the IGP and the Attorney-General in Anwar’s black-eye case
  • the evidence of abuses documented in the annual reports of Auditor-General
  • …etc, etc.

Overthrowing the Overthrower (ref: Malaysiakini report)

Malaysiakini report, “PM: They’ve disrespected sultan’s decision”

Lets get this straight. The Pakatan Rakyat state government of Perak is being overthrown by BN and not the other way around.

The legitimate Pakatan Rakyat state government of Perak was voted into power democratically in the March 8 2008 general elections. Pakatan Rakyat won 31 of the state seats while BN won 28 seats.

On 5 Feb 2009, BN started the process of overthrowing the legitimate PR state government when it enticed 3 of the PR state assemblypersons to leave PR to become independent. These 3 independent state assemblypersons have undertaken to support the BN which apparently gives BN the majority since it now has 28+3 state seats while PR has 28 seats.

However, various issues surrounding this attempt to wrest state power by the BN from Pakatan have raise serious doubts about the legality of the takeover and whether it is in accordance to the Perak state constitution. The following are some of the issues:

– The 3 defecting state assemblypersons have submitted resignation letters for their state assembly posts prior to the announcement of their defections. However, they claimed that they have signed the undated letters earlier and maintained that they have not resigned. This raise the question whether in the future they will also change their mind and decide that they will not support BN even if they have given the undertaking in writing? This is well within their right since they are independent state assemblypersons. It seems then that the majority BN claims it has is rather shaky.

– The resignation letters were sent to the Election Commission but the EC took it upon itself to decide that these letters are not valid and refused to call by-elections even though such a decision is beyond its jurisdiction. What happens if a court rules that the resignation letters are valid? In that case, the 3 state seats have been effectively vacated on the date the letters were received and by-elections have to be called. BN again will no longer have a majority.

– Two of the defectors are facing corruption charges. If they are found guilty of these charges they will have to vacate their posts as state assemblypersons. By-elections will have to be called for these 2 seats. If this scenario materialises, BN will very likely lose its majority after the by-elections.

– The third defector, Jelapang state assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong has been under intense public pressure to resign. After betraying the trust of her supporters, her ability to serve as an effective state assemblyperson and as a representative for her constituents is now questionable. Will she bow to the pressure? If so, it will again call into question BN’s tenuous majority.

– Mohd Nizar has also file a suit in the High Court to seek a judicial review to establish that he is still the legitimate Mentri Besar of Perak. In his suit he has specified that:

  • he had advised the Sultan of Perak on the dissolution of the state legislative assembly
  • there is no dissolution of the assembly
  • there was no motion of confidence performed against him at the state legislative assembly
  • there was no resignation made by him

Nizar is seeking a declaration that Zambry had no right to be the menteri besar at any material time. The case will be heard again on Monday 23 Feb.

With all these issues still unresolved the BN cannot assume that they are now the legitimate government in Perak. But with the help of the media it is trying to hookwink the people to believe that it is already the legitimate state government.

In one MSM newspaper, the title of an article is “Pakatan plotting to topple BN in Perak”. Excuse me, it is BN which is plotting to topple the legitimate Pakatan government!

In another online news portal the PM “accused the Pakatan Rakyat today of trying to overthrow the Barisan Nasional’s Perak state government.” Excuse me again, it is the BN which is trying overthrow the legitimate Pakatan government, not the other way around.

In the Malaysiakini report above, the PM was quoted as saying “This (the suspension) is a plot. It is a plot with bad intention to oust the BN government in Perak. What they are doing is to try to wreck and stop BN from governing in a fair manner”. You got it wrong again. If you are blissfully unaware, the evil plot was hatched by your BN and your DPM to wreck and stop Pakatan Rakyat from governing Perak.

What the Speaker of the state assembly has done when he suspended Zambry and the six newly-appointed state exco member is to help defend the state government from being overthrown by BN. The Speaker and the legitimate Mentri Besar, Mohd Nizar are both valiantly defending the right of the Perak people to chose their state representatives and their government.


Outrageous gutter politics – Malaysiakini

(Malaysiakini report, “Nude photos: Exco lodges police report” )

Politics in this country have now descended to new lows with the delibrate circulation of nude photographs of a Pakatan Rakyat female politician in Selangor. This is nothing less than a gross violation of her privacy, outraging her modesty and a criminal act. The perpetrators must be brought to book whoever they may be.

This outrageous attempt to smear the reputation of a Pakatan Rakyat state assemblyperson shows the desperation, moral bankruptcy and foolishness of those who are responsible. Do the perpetrators think that by showing a person partially or fully naked it would constitute immorality on the part of the person? What idiotic mentality do these people have? In fact, what has been done only confirms the opposite – that the politician concerned is beyond reproach, that there is nothing she is tainted with, that she is a person with impeccable morals and there is nothing which can be used against her. Confronted with this, her detractors can only fabricate the flimsiest of “evidence” in order to smear her good name.

The former Selangor Mentri Besar, Khir Toyo, who is vying for UMNO youth chief post in the March UMNO elections was very quick to condemn the Pakatan Rakyat politician for being nude in private and wants her to resign! “This is a moral issue,” he thunders as if he is in a very good position to talk about morals.

For goodness sake, do you take a shower fully-clothed? Do you go to bed with your spouse fully-clothed? There is nothing wrong with nudity per se and there is absolutely nothing immoral about lying around naked in private. The interest which Khir Toyo has shown in these nude photos makes one wonder whether he has anything to do with their circulation or is he trying to gain some political mileage in the eyes of his UMNO supporters. But lets not jump to conclusion and let the police do the investigations since a police report has already been made by the victim (even though this may be met with extreme cynicism).

Perhaps the timing of the release of these photographs has other purposes other than smearing the reputation of the Pakatan Rakyat politician. Sensationalizing this news may distract people from more important issues such as the power grab in Perak by BN, the ongoing Altantuya trial and the court hearing of the appeal by the government against the release of RPK under the ISA.

In this message, “Probably my last message to Malaysians”, RPK has expressed pessimism about the court decision tommorrow (Feb 17 2009) which may result in RPK being detained again under the ISA. If this does happen, it will be big news and whether there is other sensational news or not, the world will hear about the unjust use of the draconian ISA against dissenting voices.

Let us not be distracted by the silly antics of a few sick desperadoes.


Alert: RPK’s message

RPK was released from ISA detention by the Shah Alam High Court on 7 Nov 2008. The government is appealing this decision and tomorrow there will be a court hearing on the government’s appeal where a decision may be made.

There is a possibility that RPK will be sent to Kamunting again under the ISA. Please read and forward RPK’s message below.

“Probably my last message to Malaysians”


Power usurpers in Perak to face music – Malaysiakini

Power usurpers in Perak to face music (Malaysiakini)
“Perak assembly to suspend Zambry?” –
February 14, 2009 –

It certainly will not be a walk-over for Zambry and his “Camry” crowd to usurp the power of the democratically-elected and popular Perak state government. Various legal experts have already expressed their doubts about the legality of the removal of Mohd Nizar as the Mentri Besar and the hasty swearing-in of BN’s Zambry as the new Mentri Besar. According to them, the Mentri Besar can only be removed by a vote of no confidence in the State Assembly. If what they contend is true, then Mohd Nizar is still the real McCoy, the legitimate Mentri Besar of Perak.

Mohd Nizar has fired the first salvo to establish his legitimacy and the legitimacy of his state government by filing a legal suit in Kuala Lumpur on Friday (13 Feb 2009) challenging the appointment of the new MB. He was greeted with cheers and applause when he appeared in the Jalan Duta Court Complex to file the legal challenge.

Apart from this legal suit, Zambry now also faces the possibility of being suspended from the Perak State Assembly. The State Assembly has not been dissolved. It still has a Speaker namely Sivakumar and he is summoning Zambry and his recently-appointed motley exco members to appear before the Committee of Privileges. They will have to explain to the Committee “under which provision of the Perak Constitution do they base their right to form the state government.” If the recommendations of the committee are approved by the State Assembly, they may face suspension or even expulsion from the State Assembly.

Of course, this may not come to pass. The BN says they have the majority in the State Assembly but where are the 3 defectors who are supporting the BN now? Two are facing corruption charges and have not appeared in the public. They have been falling sick so much so that they are unable even to appear in court for their corruption charges. Will they surface again when the State Assembly sits? The third state assemblyperson who turned independent, Hee, is said to be under tremendous pressure and may be considering resignation. So, will BN still have the majority when the Perak State Assembly convenes again?

By-elections for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat and the Bukit Selambau state seat have been fixed for April 7 with the nomination day on March 29 – one day after the UMNO general assembly. How convenient? But it must be a coincidence. Who can believe the Election Commission is so bias as to fix the by-election dates carefully taking into account UMNO’s interest? Can you?

The by-elections at Bukit Gantang is where the power usurpers will face the loudest music. Deprived of their right to determine who should be their state government, the people of Perak will at last have a chance to use their ballot papers to whack the power grabbers. It has already been claimed by various quarters that the by-election at Bukit Gantang will be a referendum on Najib since he is the prime mover behind the coup against the Perak state government. It will be a referendum on his suitability as the prime minister of the country even though it may be too late to affect the handover of the prime ministership. But the people’s voice will be heard – loud and clear!


Some RPK trial reports scrubbed clean? – Malaysiakini

(Malaysiakini report, “Najib crops up in alleged letter and photograph”)

It is interesting to see how some of the mainstream English newspapers tried their very best to avoid mentioning Najib in their reports on the proceedings of the RPK sedition trial. In this report, “Raja Petra’s lawyer grills cop over Razak’s link in murder case”, there was not a single mention of Najib. Instead it focussed on the questioning of the police officer by the lawyer for RPK, Gobind Singh Deo regarding Abdul Razak Baginda.

This other report, “I did not know what role Razak played in murder” also did not mention the questions posed to Superintendent Gan Tack Guan by Gobind Singh regarding the involvement of Najib except for mentioning “Gan also agreed that the police team did not investigate the allegations that there was a letter from the deputy prime minister in support of Altantuya’s visa applications.”

However, the online media reported the trial quite differently. In this report, “Najib crops up in alleged letter and photograph”, the questioning of police officer Gan regarding involvement of Najib was reported in detail. For example, regarding the letter allegedly from the DPM which supports Altantuya’s visa application, the following exchange between Gobind Singh and Gan was reported to have transpired in the court proceedings.

Gobind: Do you agree with that it would have been easy, to ask Najib whether he had written such a letter?

Gan: I don’t agree, that is not the issue. I found it to be fabricated.

Gobind: How did you know Najib did not write the letter, given the fact that you neither asked him nor officers from the various embassies?

Gan: The facts surfaced on the website before the fact came up in Altantuya’s murder investigation and no witness testified and therefore I supposed that the facts were fabricated.

In another online report, “Senior cop accused of being a ‘compulsive liar’ in RPK trial”, the following were other questions which were to posed Supt Gan by Gobind Singh.

“I put it to you, you are in no position to say Najib Tun Razak did not attend Altantuya’s birthday party at the Mandarin hotel in Singapore as alleged,” Gobind suggested.

“I disagree,” Gan replied.

“You agree with me it would have been easy for you to confirm this by merely asking Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak?” Gobind asked.

“I disagree,” said Gan.

“Why disagree? Is it difficult to ask Datuk Seri Najib questions?” Gobind pushed.

The way some of the English newspapers (perhaps newspapers in other languages, too) reported on the trial makes one wonder whether there were explicit instructions for them to avoid mentioning Najib’s name or is it self-censorship in order to be in the good books of the Prime Minister-to-be. Lets see whether they will continue with such slanted reporting. They should remember that with the advent of the Internet, they cannot continue to suppress information for long.


The Pink Panther

In case you missed the classic piece written by RPK aka the Pink Panther, it is reproduced below. If you are too busy to read it now, the following conclusion will remind you to come back later to read it.

“And that is how Gan, a police officer with the rank of Superintendant and 30 years experience in the force and now attached to Interpol, comes to conclusions. He looks at what he knows. And what he does not know must be assumed to be false. And based on this assumption I must be sent to jail. I must be sent to jail not because I committed a crime. I must be sent to jail not because I am alleged to have posted an article with some part of it considered seditious. I must be sent to jail because I am alleged to have posted an article where some parts of it are not of the knowledge of Gan and therefore must be assumed to be false.”

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RPK wants judge to recuse himself

RPK wants judge to recuse himself
By Debra Chong
February 11 2009 – Malaysian Insider

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 11 – Anti-government blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin remains a free man for at least one more week.

The Federal Court was to hear today the appeal from the Home Minister to overturn the Shah Alam High Court decision last November to free Raja Petra from a two-year detention at the Kamunting Detention Centre in Perak under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The hearing has been postponed to Feb 17 after Raja Petra sought to remove Justice Datuk S. Augustine Paul from being one of the three-member panellists overseeing this case.

He claimed that past encounters with the senior judge may result in a biased decision against him.

The prominent editor of Malaysia Today had in the past written commentaries critical of Justice Augustine while working on the Free Anwar Campaign.

Justice Augustine was the High Court judge who presided over the corruption trial of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim following his sacking as the Deputy Prime Minister.
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Defence argues Najib at the heart of RPK sedition trial

Defence argues Najib at the heart of RPK sedition trial
By Debra Chong
Feb 10 2009 – Malaysian Insider

PETALING JAYA, Feb 10 — The sedition trial of prominent anti-establishment blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin continued today at the Sessions Court here amid much drama — with the Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s name often cropping up.

In his cross-examination of a key prosecution witness, defence lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, tried to establish that the sedition charge against the Malaysia Today editor was “politically motivated”, as he told reporters outside the courtroom later.

The cross-examination of Superintendant Gan Tack Guan lasted over three hours.

During that time, Gobind shot question after question over Gan’s failure, as the police officer who lodged the report against Raja Petra, to record the DPM’s statements despite being named in Raja Petra’s allegedly seditious article published in his website on April 25 last year.
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Statements not taken from ‘important’ figures

Statements not taken from ‘important’ figures, court told
Feb 11 2009 – the Sun

PETALING JAYA: Statements were not taken from “important” figures in the sedition trial of editor Raja Petra Kamarudin and the Altantuya murder trial, including Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak and political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, as they were “not involved” in either case, a police officer told the sessions court here yesterday.

“(Najib) was not called in the Altantuya case as the investigation found there was no need to call him,” said Supt Gan Tack Guan, who filed the police report against Raja Petra for his article titled “Let’s send the Altantuya murderersto hell”.

Gan, who was cross-examined by lead defence counsel Gobind Singh Deo, had earlier agreed it was “important” to question both Najib and Razak as they were named in the article.

Gobind: Isn’t it important to get a statement from Razak as to the article?

Gan: Yes, it is.

Gobind: It is important because Razak is named here and also to know if it is true or not. And is it not important to question Najib about the article to see if the facts are true or not?

Gan: Yes.

Gobind: Was Najib questioned?

Gan: No.

Gobind: If it is important, and you agree with me, why was Najib not questioned?

Gan: Because in the Altantuya murder case, the investigation found that there was no need to call him.
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The dawn of A Better Malaysia!
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Mahathir in Putrajaya ceramah


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All that is necessary
for the triumph of evil
is for good men
to do nothing.

- Edmund Burke
When the people
fears their government,
there is TYRANNY;
when the government
fears the people,
there is LIBERTY.

- Thomas Jefferson
Do you hear the people sing?